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Performance Trends is one of the largest producers of high quality, high tech computer tools for today's racer, engine builder or performance enthusiast. Performance Trends started in 1986 with the release of our popular Drag Racing Analyzer computer program, quickly followed by the Engine Analyzer. Since then, we have expanded the product line to 20 engine building and racing computer programs.

Our most popular software would be the Engine Analyzer which is our Engine Simulation Software. We have three versions of Engine Analyzer, the Standard (basic), Plus, and Pro versions. Each one goes into more detail inputs for simulating more advanced engine modifications, offers improved accuracy, but do require you to know more about your engine.

Performance Trends has wide variety of Drag Racing Software. From Drag Racing Analyzer which can help you check for vehicle modifications to improve ET and MPH (or make dial in or throttle stop changes) to the Practice Tree which allows you to work on your reaction time. And don't forget about our popular 4 Link Calculator (std and Plus versions) for making 4 link adjustments.

Many of our program are designed for Circle Track and Road Racing. Whether you race at the local track, NASCAR, or even Formula One, Performance Trends has Racing Software that can help improve your results.

If you build your own engines or run a machine shop, you will want to take a look at our programs for Engine Building / Tuning Software and Tools. If you need software or Specialty Tools for Engine Building, Performance Trends has a program to help you out.

Performance Trends has been producing data loggers since 1995, both hardware (USB Data Acquisition) and software (Data Acquisition Software). Our 2 latest models take advantage of the latest technology, the DataMite III USB and DataMite Mini USB. Both of the new data loggers are USB for better compatibility with new computers, faster communication, and easier installation. They have surface mount boards for improved quality and reliability, small size, and reduced cost. The III is even GPS capable. Our new data loggers have a wide range of uses, from Dyno testing to in-vehicle data recorders specifically designed for Drag Racing, Road Racing or Circle Track. Our DataMites and Dyno DataMite software have instrumented over 600 dynos, including custom, inertia, chassis, water brake dynos or Stuska (tm), Go-Power (tm), Davenport (tm), Prototype (tm), Clayton (tm), and other brands of dynos.

We also have a large selection of Engine Tools and Racing Electronics.

Performance Trends has a wide variety of Street Performance Programs. Whether you have a Street Rod, Muscle Car, Sports Car, Exotic, Performance Import or even a Motorcycle, we have several programs to make your vehicle perform better.

Off Road Performance: We receive many calls about our software asking if it will work with Off Road applications. We are happy to answer those questions with "Yes". Many of our programs are Off Road Performance compatible.

Performance Trends Programs are not automobile specific. Many of them work with other vehicles. If you are into Motorcycle Racing many of our programs will work with your bike. Plus Kart Racing has become very popular over the years and Performance Trends Programs are completely compatible with your kart.

Performance Trends also has a wide range of testing tools, including:

  • Flow Bench Accessories, like our Port Flow Analyzer software, Black Box II electronics for computerizing your flow bench, Automatic Valve Opener for automatically opening the valve to the desired lift during testing, Swirl Meters, Tumble Fixtures for the swirl meter, Pitot Tubes for port velocity measurements, and EZ Flow flow bench systems for the "do-it-yourselfer".
  • Our Cam Analyzer cam test software and full Cam Test Stand, with a full array of accessories and even retro-fit kits for Cam Dr (tm) or Cam Pro Plus (tm).
  • Valve Spring Testers, including the Manual Spring Tester, our Automatic Spring Tester, and retro-fit kits for most any spring tester.
  • Blowby Sensors and Wide Band O2 A/F Sensors which can be record with our DataMite data loggers, or most any other logger.

We have been in business since 1986 and have thousands of customers and here is what some of Performance Trends Customers have to say about our products. Performance trends is always updating our products to give you the best tools to get the job done. If you follow this link to Performance Trends Newsletters you can see what we have done to make our products the best they can be. And we are always developing New Products to help you work in ways that haven't been done before. Since we have thousands of customers you might want to visit Performance Trends Message Board. There you can talk to other people and get ideas to help you with your project. And don't forget to check out our Motorsports Blog for the latest articles on our software and other useful information on motorsports.

What's New?

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New Product Update (March 2018) Flow Bench Electronic Velocity Probe
New Product Update (Oct 2017) Valve Spring Tester v1.1 C
New Product Update (Oct 2017) Drag Racing Analyzer v3.4 B
New Product Update (April 2017) Suspension Analyzer v2.4 B
New Product Update (April 2016) Engine Analyzer v3.9 B
New Product (Nov 2015) A/F Checker
New Product (Aug 2015) Engine Log Book Plus
New Product (Feb 2015) "On Engine" Valve Spring Checker 
New Product (Dec 2014) Shock Dyno 
New Product (Dec 2014) Mini Remote A/F Sampler 
New Product (Oct 2014) Circle Track Log Book Plus 
New Product (Sept 2014) Quick Cam Checker 
New Program (July 2014) Dyno DataMite Enterprise Edition v4.1
New Program (June 2013) Port Flow Analyzer with advanced "Head Porter" features v3.5B
New Program (June 2013) Port Flow Analyzer v3.5B
New Program (Nov 2012) Engine Analyzer Pro Enterprise Edition v3.9
New Version (Oct 2012) Dyno DataMite v4.1
New Version (Oct 2012) Drag Race DataMite v4.1
New Version (Oct 2012) Road Race/Circle Track DataMite v4.1
New Program (Sept 2012) Compression Ratio PRO v2.3
New Program (June 2011) Cam Analyzer 'Cam Grinder' Version v4.0
New Version (June 2011) Cam Analyzer Update v4.0
New Version (May 2011) Drag Racing Analyzer v3.4 Update
New Version (March 2011) Suspension Analyzer v2.4 Update
New Version (June 2010) Engine Analyzer v3.4 Update
New Version (June 2010) Engine Analyzer Plus v3.4 Update

We now have some simple Calculators that can help you figure out some basic requirements such as Port Flow Efficiency and Drag Race Dyno.

We also have apparel as "Made in USA" tee shirts.


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