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Infra Red Tire Temperature Sensor

Analog 0-5 Volt Infra-Red (IR) Tire Temperature Sensor

This affordable infra-red (IR) temperature sensor is ideal for measuring tire temperature and has these features:

Very affordable (under $200)
Has different responses, standard (about 2 Hz) and fast (about 10 Hz)
Powered by 5 V DC (4.75 to 6 volts max, 6 mAmp).
Connections are ground, 5 VDC power and 0-4.5V signal return.
Response is 0-4.5 v = 0 to 150 Deg C (32 to 302 deg F).
Each sensor individually tested
+/- 2 Deg C Accuracy.  Sensor body must be maintained between -10 and 125 Deg C (14 to 257 deg F) to achieve this.
Rugged assembly, designed for automotive use, with 2 mounting holes.
Fully linearized temperature signal (ideal for most any data logger or data acquisition system) over a range from 0 to 150 deg C (32 to 302 deg F), 8 bit resolution.
Very good focus with a 22 deg field of view (FOV).  See the graph below for more info.
Ideal for most any infra red temperature measurement in the range fro 0 to 150 deg C (32 to 302 deg F).


More Info:

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