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Affordable Strain Gauge Load Cell Amplifier

Our DTM-ILCA strain gauge load cell amplifier provides signal conditioning for strain gauges and load cells, for just $175 US. 



5 volt DC, 20 mAmp Power Input
0-4.5 volt output 
Designed for typical bridge resistance of approximately 350 ohms
8 pin Female Molex Mini Fit Jr (tm) connector:
Pin 1     ground
Pin 2     +5 volt power in
Pin 3     Output -
Pin 4     Excitation -
Pin 5     0-5 volt signal output
Pin 6     no connect
Pin 7     Output +
Pin 8     Excitation +
2.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches
Zero and Span 15 turn precision pots
65 gms
Environmental: 40 to 140 deg F for enclosure, 0 to 80% humidity


8 pin Molex connector with pigtail and terminals sold separately.


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