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Performance Trends Software and Electronics for Circle Track and Road Racing

Computer Programs and Data Loggers for Circle Track and Road Racing Performance.

Performance Trends has a wide variety of software programs that can help you with your vehicle. Cricle Track Analyzer can help you improve your cars performance on the track. Plus we have other programs dedicated to Racing Performance. We also have programs to help you with Suspension Setup and other components on your vehicles. And don't forget about Engine Analyzer our Engine Design Software to help predict what changes will improve performance. Plus we have our DataMite systems to record data from your vehicle or your engine.

Circle Track Analyzer v3.6 Computer Program to Simulate, Setup, Predict and Analyze Race Car Performance (including Late Models, Modifieds, Sprint Cars, Midgets, Go Carts, etc.) on Circle (oval) Track.  This program has our Roll Center Calculator completely built in as the Front Suspension Screen. It also has Rear Suspension, Track Specs, Engine Specs (power curve) and Vehicle Specs screens.

Circle-Track-Analyzer.gif (36073 bytes)

Roll Center Calculator v3.6 Computer Program to Simulate and Analyze Front Suspension (Double A Arm or McPherson Strut) for Camber Gain, Roll Center, Wheel Rate and More.  This is a very simple "starter" program, and gets you a discount should you want to move up to some more advanced programs.  Plus version includes simple rear suspension layout and does handling calculations.

Roll-Center-Caculator.gif (36073 bytes)

Suspension Analyzer v2.4 Computer program to Simulate and Analyze Detailed 3D suspension analysis.  This is our most detailed suspension analysis program, and is used by some Cup and Busch teams.

Syspention-Analyzer.gif (36073 bytes)

Circle Track Log Book v1.1 Computer Program to Record Your Circle Track (and most any) Race Car Settings and Results for Future Reference, Analysis and Comparison.  This program can be customized to your needs, "talks" to Circle Track Analyzer, and has Tire Temp Analysis with suspension tuning suggestions.

Circle-Track-Log-Book.gif (36073 bytes)

Lap/Segment Timer v1.1 Computer Program to Time Laps or Lap Segments, Record, Recall, Edit and Analyze Results.  This is a precise, computerized stop watch.

Lap-Segment-Timer.jpg (36073 bytes)

Pit Stop Mileage Calculator v1.1 Computer Program to Track, Analyze and Predict Race Fuel Mileage and Number of Laps Available Before a Pit Stop

Pit-Stop-Mileage-Caculator.gif (36073 bytes)

Transmission Gear Calculator v2.0 Computer Program to Analyze RPM and MPH, Shift Analysis, Optimum Shift Points for Most Any Combination of Rear Axle Ratio, Tire Size and Transmission Gear Ratios.

Trans-Gear-Tractive-Force.gif (36073 bytes)

Rotating Inertia Calculator v1.1 Software to Calculate the Effective Weight of Rotating Components Due to Their Rotating Inertia.  This program lets you predict the performance effect of reducing Rotating Inertia of certain vehicle and engine components.

Rotating-Inertia-Calculator.jpg (36073 bytes)

Road Race/Circle Track DataMite v3.7 Data Logger and Computer Software to actually measure what your Road Race or Circle Track car is doing out there on the track, now with GPS for track mapping and lap/segment timing.  

Road-Race/Circle-Track-DataMite.jpg (36073 bytes) Circle-Track-DataMite.gif (36073 bytes)

Computer Programs to Simulate, Predict and Analyze Stock or Race Engine Dynamometer (dyno) Performance.

Engine Analyzer v3.4 Our easiest Engine Simulation Software to build and modify your engine.  You can send this power curve to our Circle Track Analyzer to see the effect on lap times, best gear ratio, etc.

ea30-hpcurves.jpg (78832 bytes)

Engine Analyzer Plus v3.4 Our Engine Simulation Software which is one step up from the standard version.  It adds many features for more detailed analysis and improved accuracy.

Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 Our "top of the line" Engine Simulation Software for the serious circle track/road race engine builder.

EA-Pro-Piston.gif (36073 bytes)

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Dyno DataMite v3.7 Data Logger Software to Measure and Analyze Dynamometer Data from Inertia (flywheel) Dynos or Absorber (torque arm) Dynos, engine dynos or chassis dynos.  If you've got a dyno, we can instrument it.

Dyno-DataMite-3.gif (36073 bytes) Dyno-DataMite.gif (36073 bytes)

Shock Dyno v1.1 Our Shock Dyno is is designed to see how your shocks are working on your Circle Track or Road Race vehicle.

Shock Dyno