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Pictures of Obsolete DataMite Sensors and Options

These parts may be available new, refurbished, or used,  and are supplied as replacement parts only

(Click on a picture to see a full size view)

Std DataMite System

Note:  Control Panel not included with Dyno version as of July 2003.  Its functions are done in the software.


Optical Isolator (protects computer)


Black Box Weather Station


Standard DataMite Vehicle Harness


Dual Channel Analog Converter for Std DataMite (not required for DataMite II or Black Box II).  Converts signal into a frequency for use on RPM input channels.


Control Panel (std DataMite panel shown, DataMite II panel the same except different connector)


Standard DataMite Recording Box


Standard DataMite in Metal Box (good for electrically 'noisy' installations, like Jr Dragsters or Magneto cars).  The current box being sold is deeper than that shown and can accomodate a 9.6V battery pack.

Standard (unheated) Exhaust Oxygen Sensor (rich/lean indicator)


110 VAC Power Supply, for Standard DataMite

Typical 'T' Harness allows access to or swapping sensors on channels 2, 3 and 4 standard DataMite Harness

Black Box Weather Station

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