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Pictures of DataMite Sensors and Options

(Click on a picture to see a full size view)

DTM-IPU Inductive Pick Up signal conditioning w sensitivityl knob ("cleans up" tach signal from plug wire)


Inductive Pickup Clamp (clips on to spark plug wire and provides some signal enhancement) DTM-IPUC  Requires DTM-IPU


Inductive Pickup Clip for Wire (clips "purple wire" to spark plug wire) DTM-IPUCW  (recommended only for inductive pickup boxes with a sensitivity adjustment screw)  Requires DTM-IPU


Inductive Pickup Clip for Low Voltage (12 volt primary coil wire or fuel injector lead) BB2-IPULV    Does NOT Require DTM-IPU


Battery Pack for Std DataMite


110 VAC Power Supply, for Standard DataMite

If you need something other than a USA style of plug, please request either EUR, AUST or UK as pictured below.  Cost for alternate plug styles and voltage levels (200-240 VAC) is approximately $20 more.


Stuska (tm) Dyno RPM Adapter

Stuska (tm) Quick Connects for Torque Pressure Sensor


DataMite 4 Digital Output Harness   DT4-DOH


DataMite 4 Digital Output Relay  DT4-DOR


DataMite 4 Digital Output Harness and Relay plugged together    DT4-DOH and DT4-DOR


DataMite 4 Digital Output LED DT4-DOL with optional mounting bracket DT4-DOLB (NOTE:  DT4-DOLB has 2 mounting holes, only 1 shows in picture)
Plugs into DT4-DOH and can be used for shift light, warning light, etc.


DataMite 4 Digital Input Breakout Cable  DT4-DIBC


DataMite 4  Digital Input Lead DT4-DIL (plugs into DT4-DIBC pictured above)


DataMite 4 Digital Input Trans Brake  DT4-DITB (to tie to trans brake solenoid for triggering Acceleration Response Timer)


DataMite 4 Digital Tee Cable  DT4-DTC  (for combining multiple digital cables)

DT4-OT  DataMite Optical Tach (great for checking RPM signals)


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