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Bracket Racing

What is Bracket Racing?


Drag Racing
Bracket Racing
Bracket Racing is Drag Racing but instead of trying to get the fastest time you are trying to meet a desired time. This allows vehicles of different capabilities to race against each other. The vehicle with the slowest time gets to start first and the faster vehicles tries to catch up but neither vehicle is allowed to go faster then their Dial In Times or their predicted time to cover the length of the track.

How it works

You have a car and you know that it will do the 1/4 mile in 13.25 seconds. Every time you race that quarter mile you want your car to run exactly 13.25 seconds. The car you are racing against says their car will run the quarter mile 14.0 seconds flat. Therefore when you race the 14 second car they will get a .75 second head start. You have to catch and pass them before the end of the 1/4 mile but you cannot go faster than you dial in time of 13.25 seconds. If you do, you are disqualified. But your reaction time is still very important. If you don't beat your opponent to the finish line but run a perfect 13.25 seconds or ET time you still lose.

Programs that can help you improve your consistency in Bracket Racing.

Our Practice Tree v2.0 can help you achieve consistent reaction times and the Practice Tree Plus v2.0 includes a Shift Light to help you with Shift Timing. And we have 2 Drag Racing Analyzer Programs as well. Our Drag Racing Analyzer v3.2 and Drag Racing Analyzer Pro v2.0B. Plus our 4 Link Calculator v2.0 can help your vehicle with 4 link suspensions launch better by allowing you to setup your instant center. And 4 Link Calculator Plus v2.0 can work with complicated hole patterns on your brackets. We also have Rotating Inertia Calculator v1.1 and Race Clutch Analyzer v1.1.

If you need to design or make modifications to your Drag Racing vehicles engine, we have 3 versions of our Engine Simulation software. Engine Analyzer v3.2, Engine Analyzer Plus v3.2 and Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9.

Plus we have 2 different Data Acquisition packages specifically for Drag Racing. Our Drag Racing DataMite v3.7 can log almost any type of vehicles data as it travels down the drag strip. And we have a DataMite Mini USB Weather Station that works with out Drag Racing Analyzer Pro v2.0B to give you current weather reading before you go down the track and you can get our optional Wind Wizard to give you current wind direction and speed.