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Friction Losses

What is Friction Loss?

  For Friction Losses we will build on top of Engine Friction. Engine Friction is only the internal friction from bearings and etc plus accessory loads. Friction Loss includes Engine Friction but also includes friction from items after the flywheel.

These other items include the transmission, u joints, rear end or transaxle and sometime a transfer case (4 wheel drive) or center differential (AWD).

Tires can be a big part of Friction Losses in the drivetrain as well. Depending on the type, size and pressure of the tires. These specs can change the Friction Losses very much and need to be taken into consideration.

Programs that take Friction Loss into account

We have 3 programs that work with Friction Losses inside the the engine when conducting Engine SimulationEngine Analyzer v3.4, Engine Analyzer Plus v3.4. And Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 also takes Engine Friction into account but has many more inputs for options in Engine Simulation.

Our Circle Track Analyzer v3.6 works with Friction Loss in the drivetrain while simulating the vehicle going around the track. And we have 2 Drag Racing programs that take Friction Losses into account while the vehicle is going down the drag strip, Drag Racing Analyzer v3.2 and Drag Racing Analyzer Pro v2.0. Plus our Fuel Economy Calculator v1.1 takes Engine Friction into account when calculating fuel economy.