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Drag Racing

Computer Programs and Electronics to Simulate, Predict and Analyze many aspects of your Drag Racing vehicle and your reaction time.

If you don't turn corners, Performance Trends Drag Racing Programs can help you optimize your vehicle. From 300 ft sand drags, 1/8 and 1/4 mile drags, to the Bonneville Salt Flats, you can see what mods will help your performance. We have 2 versions of our Drag Race Analyzer, both standard and Pro. The 4 Link Calculator and Practice Tree can help you launch better. The Drag Racing Clutch Analyzer can help you adjust and fine tune your Centrifugal Clutch. And if you need a data recorder, our affordable Drag Race DataMite packs lots of features in a small, rugged package, and is even NHRA Accepted for classes which allow data loggers.

Computer Programs to Simulate, Predict and Analyze Drag Racing and Top Speed Performance.

Drag Racing Analyzer v3.2 Our Basic Drag Racing Simulation Software, including Dial In and Throttle Stop Predictions

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Drag Racing Analyzer Pro v2.0B Our Top of the line Drag Racing Simulation Software, including detailed centrifugal (slider) clutch simulation, data logger linking, linking to our Mini USB Weather Station, and other advanced features.

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Drag Racing Analyzer Pro v2.0B features for simulating Bonneville Land Speed Record performance.

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4 Link Calculator and Plus v2.0 Our 4 Link Calculator can help you set up your rear suspension 4 Link.

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Practice Tree v2.0 Computer Program to Simulate Drag Racing Starting Tree and Analyze/Improve the Driverís Reaction Times and Consistency.

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DataMite Mini USB Weather Station Our DataMite system that works with Drag Race Analyzer Pro to help figure out Throttle Stop and Dial In predictions based on current weather and wind conditions. This systems works great with bracket racing.

DataMite Mini Weather Station Wind Wizard

Weather Wiz is our Weather Station Software. It allows you simply adjust all those weather related calculations like Density Altitude, Relative Air Density, Dyno Correction Factor and more. It allows you choose the inputs you want to use for putting in barometric pressure, humidity and air temperature. It "talks" to our USB Weather Station for on-the-spot updates of critical data.

Oxygen Sensor

Race Clutch Analyzer v1.1 Computer Program for Professional Drag Racers and Engineers to Simulate, Predict and Analyze Centrifugal (slider) Clutches

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Rotating Inertia Calculator v1.1 Computer Program to Calculate the Effective Weight of Rotating Components Due to Their Rotating Inertia

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Drag Racing DataMite v3.7 Data Logger and Software to Record, Graph, Report and Analyze Drag Racing Data from All Types of Vehicles, including Jr Dragsters, Cars, Truck, Motorcycles, Dragsters, Anything on wheels.

Road-Race/Circle-Track-DataMite.jpg (36073 bytes) Circle-Track-DataMite.gif (36073 bytes)

Shock Dyno v1.1 Our Shock Dyno is is designed to see how your shocks are working on your Drag Racing vehicle.

Shock Dyno


All drag race and top speed vehicle's need an engine.  Use one of our Engine Analyzer programs to build a "virtual engine" and drop it in your ride. 

Engine Analyzer v3.4 Our Basic Engine Simulation Software to build your Drag Race Engine

ea30-hpcurves.jpg (78832 bytes)

Engine Analyzer Plus v3.4 Our Mid line Engine Simulation Software with 10 additional, advanced features.

Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 Our Top of the line Engine Simulation Software, with advanced Finite-Difference, wave tuning intake and exhaust simulation.  Change header lengths, intakes, Nitrous Oxide, Turbo and Supercharger specs, most any modification you would try for the drag strip.

EA-Pro-Piston.gif (36073 bytes)

Engine Analyzer Pro Enterprise Edition v3.9 Adds several additional features most dealing with Turbos and Superchargers. Head over to the page to see all the addtional options.


All our Engine Analyzer programs will create power curves which will automatically drop into our Drag Race Analyzer programs.  You can also "auto link" them so that every time you make a new Engine Analyzer "run", the ET, 60 ft, MPH, etc are displayed right in the Engine Analyzer program.

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