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Engine Building

Performance Trends Software for Engine Building / Tuning Software & Tools

Performance Trends offers several tools to make your engine building work more accurate, faster, more efficient and more professional.  Some of these tools are software programs only, and some have your computer connected to sensors and possibly actuators.  

For example, In the case of our Port Flow Analyzer with our Automatic Valve Opener installed on a SuperFlow SF1020 bench, you can actually automate the entire flow bench test.  You can start it up and walk away and it will step through each lift, change ranges if necessary, and shut down the bench when it is done.  This can be a huge time saver, and produce more accurate data in the process.


Compression Ratio Calculator v2.3 Computer Software to Calculate Compression Ratio, Dynamic Compression Ratio, Cranking Compression, Boring & Stroking Calculations, and Other Common Engine Building Calculations

DRP-Graph.gif (66958 bytes)

Cam Analyzer v3.8 Computer Program to Measure Cam Profiles by Hand, then Analyze (graph and report) this data, or data from several various Computerized Cam File Formats like Cam Dr™ and Cam Pro Plus™.  This software also interfaces to our complete Cam Test Stand for very quick and precise cam profile measurements either on the stand or in the engine.

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Port Flow Analyzer v3.5 Computer Software to Record (by hand or electronically), Calculate, Save, Graph, Report and Analyzer Flow Bench Data.  This software also interfaces to our Black Box II or SuperFlow's FlowCom electronics, and our new Valve Opener so you can computerize some or all of your flow bench testing.

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Swirl Meter Swirl Meter For Flow Bench Testing Cylinder Heads, to measure Intake Air Motion

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Tumble Fixture Swirl and Tumble are 2 different types of motion the air/fuel charge can exhibit as it enters the cylinder on the intake stroke. Generally, swirl is measured on 2 valve engines and tumble is measured on 4 valve engines. However, if you are looking for that extra 0.5% power and want to completely measure differences between different head modifications, you would want to measure both.

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Fuel Injector Calculator v1.1 Computer Software to calculate Electronic Fuel Injector size requirements, like Pulse Width and Duty Cycle, make Pressure Corrections, help program EFI Controllers, and Much More.

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Engine Log Book v1.1 Computer Program to Record your Engine Specifications and Part Numbers for your engine builds.  In addition, it saves the results, performs checks and calculations on these inputs, organizes the results and make professional printouts.

Engine Log Book

Rotating Inertia Calculator v1.1 Computer software to check the effect of the engine's rotating components on the overall "Effective Weight" of the vehicle

Rotating Inertia Calculator

Weather Wiz v1.1 Computer software to make Weather Calculations which affect Engine, Vehicle and Carburetor Fuel Metering Performance

Rotating Inertia Calculator

Dyno Data Analyzer v1.1 DOS computer Program to Record, Analyze, Report, Save, Graph and Print Data from the older SuperFlow (tm) 801 and 901 Dynos

Dyno Data Analyzer

Wide Band UEGO A/F (lambda) Sensors A/F sensor system to measure performance of your EFI or Carbureted Engine on Dyno or In Vehicle

Oxygen Sensor

Thermocouple Recorder v1.1 Computer software and converter box to Record 4 Type K Thermocouples, like EGTs.

Oxygen Sensor

Valve Spring Tester v1.1 Computerized valve spring tester (manual or pneumatic/automatic) to Measure Valve Seated Force, Open, Force, Bind Height, Bind Clearance, Spring Rate, etc.

Spring Tester Spring Tester Oxygen Sensor

Dyno DataMite v3.7 Data Logger and Software to Measure, Graph, Report and Analyze Dynamometer Data from Engine or Chassis Dynos, either Inertia (flywheel) Dynos or Absorber (torque arm like water brake) Dynos

Dyno-DataMite-3.gif (36073 bytes) Dyno-DataMite.gif (36073 bytes)


Spring Whiz v1.1 Software to Analyze Valve Springs, spring rate, bind height, natural frequency and determine possible spring surge, valve toss, excessive stress, etc.

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