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Engine Tools

Engine Tools to Analyze many types of Racing needs.

Blowby Sensor - Leak down and compression checking check try to check your ring sealing with the engine on the stand.  However, checking blow-by measures the true ring sealing with the engine actually running.  Use the sensor with your data logger, either in vehicle on on the dynamometer.

Blowby Sensor

Valve Spring Tester Computerized valve spring tester (manual or pneumatic/automatic) to Measure Valve Seated Force, Open, Force, Bind Height, Bind Clearance, Spring Rate, etc.  Kit also available for retro-fitting Power Tech (tm) spring testers.

Spring Tester Spring Tester Oxygen Sensor

Cam Test Stand Computerized system to to measure cam profiles, either on our test stand, or in the engine.  We also have kits to retro-fit other types of cam stands, like Cam Dr (tm) or Cam Pro Plus (tm).

Cam Test Stand Cam Analyzer

Flow Bench Accessories  Accessories for most any flow bench, SuperFlow (tm), Saenz (tm), JKM (tm), or most any custom or DIY (do it yourself) bench.

Pitot Tubes Tumble Fixture

EZ Flow System  Kit to let you build a computerized flow bench, including some critical machined parts like a head bore adapter.

EZ Flow System

Spring Wiz v1.1 Software to Analyze Valve Springs, spring rate, bind height, natural frequency and determine possible spring surge, valve toss, excessive stress, etc.

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