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Fuel Injector Calculator v1.1 for Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

Computer Program to Calculate Electronic Fuel Injector Size Requirements, Pulse Width, Duty Cycle, Pressure Corrections, Help Program EFI Controllers, and Much More.

Fuel Injector Calculator is probably the most detailed Fuel Injector sizing software available. It includes these features:

  • Estimate injector requirements from as few a 3 inputs (HP and Number of Cylinders, using the program's easy default settings) or as many as 14 inputs with great detail.

  • Estimate engine air flow either by HP and a BSFC, or engine displacement, engine RPM, volumetric efficiency, Supercharger or turbocharger boost (if any) and A/F ratio

  • Use the program's default settings for much easier operation.

  • Generate a table of Estimated torque, HP, Pulse Width and Duty Cycle over the engine's power range, in RPM increments of your choosing.  You can export this info to Notepad for use in other programs or printing.  This can be quite handy for programming EFI controllers.

  • Choose the Units for rating the injector from lb/hr, gm/min and cc/min.

  • Choose the Spec Gravity, fuel type (gasoline, methanol, ethanol and E85) and A/F for fine tuning to your particular application.

  • Letting the program pick some injectors closest to your requirements from a list of typical Fuel Injectors.

  • You can resize the screen to completely fill your computer's screen (maximized) or most any size, and the text and features will be resized as appropriate.


What You Need:

Computer with Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10.


More Information, Download Demo:

to go to our Demo Downloading page to download a FREE Fuel Injection Calulator Demo.


To Order:

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You can download this program as a demo Free to try it. If you want to order it, call 248-473-9230 with your Visa, MC, AmExp or Discover card. Performance Trends can provide you an "unlocking code" number to activate all features (bring it out of demo mode). When newer versions are released, you can download the latest demo and activate all features with this same "unlocking code".

The "on screen" help explains all features, inputs and outputs. This program does not come with a user’s manual.  

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