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On Engine Valve Spring Seat Pressure Checker

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Our Seat Pressure spring checker is affordable, and incorporates the very latest technology.  It not only reads the force, down to 0.1 lbs, it can actually measure the valve seat pressure automatically.  Unlike traditional Seat Pressure checkers, where the user tries to "feel" when the valve unseats or reseats, our checker does that through advanced computer algorithms.  The result is a completely unbiased, repeatable number that is obtained no matter who is doing the measurement. 

Features include:

  • Large digit, backlit display.
  • Standard tester measures up to 350 lbs seated force.  High force tester option to measure up to 700 lbs seated force.
  • Readings down to 0.1 lb resolution.
  • Rezero button.
  • Options for various features, including:
  •     Calibration info.
  •     Rocker Arm Pivot Length input, so you can get true seat pressure for most any valve train geometry.
  •     Backlighting and power saving.
  • Battery powered with USB cable included for recharging.

Optional High Force Version

The "High Force" version doubles the range of the checker, allowing you to measure forces up to 700 lbs and more.


Optional Compact Adapter

On some heads, there is not enough clearance to allow the checker to reach out over the tip of the rocker arm.  Therefore, we have developed our "Compact Adapter" which comes at the rocker arm from the side, part number SPV-OECA.  This can be a huge advantage when space is tight.


The picture below shows the spring checker with the Compact Adapter on a VW 4 cylinder head.  Watch the movie below to see it in operation.



for a movie showing operation of the tester

for a movie showing test repeatability of the tester and close-up of display

for a movie showing operation of the tester on VW head with Compact Adapter


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