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Power Tech (tm) Spring Tester Retro-Fit Kit for Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10

Computer Program and USB Interface to Use Performance Trends' Valve Spring Tester v1.1 Software with Power Tech's Spring Tester, Part Number SPV11C-DM

Our Valve Spring Tester software can also work with Power Tech's Compu-Spring Tester with our DataMite Mini USB interface shown below.  Since Power Tech is no longer in business, this logger replaces all Power Tech electronics, making it easy for you to get support in the future.  You will continue using the Power Tech load cell and length sensor, but will have to change connectors on these 2 sensors.

  Our software offers several enhancements over the Compu-Spring software, including:

  • Much improved repeatability.
  • Additional calculations.
  • Many more Report and Graph features, including overlay graphs.
  • Much enhanced print features and quality for reports and graphs.


The 2 printouts below show 16 tests of the SAME SPRING tested with a Power Tech Spring Tester, first using the standard Power Tech Compu-Spring software, and then using our Valve Spring Tester v1.1 and USB interface.  Because the exact same tester was used, the difference in the results is entirely due to the improved accuracy in our software.


Power Tech Compu-Spring Report showing 16 tests of the same spring


Performance Trends' Report showing 16 tests of the same spring


Comparison Table of Power Tech (tm) and Performance Trends Results

  Range in Spring Rate Range in Seated Force Range in Open Force Range in Bind Height
Power Tech 8  lbs 2  lbs 5  lbs .025 inches
Performance Trends 3.1  lbs 1.6  lbs 1.4  lbs .002 inches


  • In all results measured, the Performance Trends software produces much more repeatable results.
  • The Performance Trends report shows averages and ranges automatically in the results.
  • The Performance Trends report also includes the spring height which produces a particular force (in this case 200 lbs).
  • We tried to print the Power Tech report directly to Adobe Acrobat (tm) to produce a higher quality picture, but it seemed to be incompatible.  That may be to its "DOS like" printout.  The Power Tech software does seem to work much like a DOS program.
  • Power Tech reports its results only to the nearest pound (lb) and .005 inches, where Performance Trends reports it to the nearest 0.1 lb and .001 inch.
  • We believe the Power Tech report above is the only output available from the Power Tech software.  No other types of graphs or reports are possible.

We are not saying that some users may not like the layout or operation of the Power Tech software.  Software with less features is typically easier to use.  We're just offering our software to those who want more features and improved accuracy.

When you convert your Power Tech spring tester over to our Mini USB Logger, you will continue to use your existing sensors, which will save you cost over switching over to our Performance Trends Valve Spring Tester.   to send us an email to check on cost and delivery of converting your Power Tech tester completely over to our electronics and software.  You may also want to send in your tester to have us do the conversion and check the calibration.


What You Need:

Power Technology PT-200 or PT-100  spring tester, and computer with Windows  XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 with a USB port.  Note:  Power Technology could have also gone by the name of Power Test and had a website


What You Get:

The part number  SPV11C-DM  package comes with program CD (with user manual in PDF format on the CD) and USB Interface.  The USB interface does not require a separate power supply.  It has 2 connectors for you to wire in the length sensor and load cell.  A terminal crimping tool is required and some basic knowledge about electronics to rewire the Power Tech wires.

More Information, Download Demo:

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