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Ramey Motorsports Big Block Mustang


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Latest News/Results

First Place, Detroit Cobo Center Autorama, March 2014 in Domestic Bracket Racer class


Norwalk, Ohio ( Summit Motorsports Park) was first outing of 2010 Cobra Jet with new 660 CID "all motor" Hemi Ford for shakedown.  (Ford retiree Burgess Coleman on ground in background checking launch)

It FITS!  BB Ford into 2010 Mustang at Watson Racing

Chuck Watson and Kim Mapes (one of the Watson Team) outside Watson Racing



BES Build 660 big block Ford
4.702 bore x 4.750 stroke
6.780 rod length
Kaase Ford Hemi Heads
Solid Roller cam .578/.569 lobe lift, 282/303 duration at .050", 116 deg lobe separation
15.6:1 compression ratio
1070 ft lbs at 6800
1485 HP at 7800
3430 lbs


2013 Goals



Blaine Ramey of Ramey Motorsports is a Ford Engineer, who started campaigning his 2010 Cobra Jet Mustang (supercharged modular motor) back in 2010.  He had great results being the first Cobra Jet to win the NHRA Super Stock class the car was designed for.  This was at Mid Michigan dragway in July 2010.  They went on to win several more events in Super Stock.

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Blaine attributed some of his success to our computer tools.  Being an engineer, Blaine was not into blindly following the crowd.  He needed to see a reason and explanation to why something would make sense or how things worked like they did.  Some of the tools Blaine used included:

Drag Race Analyzer Pro with Weather Station

Drag Race DataMite

4 Link Calculator

Drag Race Practice Tree

Suspension Analyzer