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Road Race/Circle Track DataMite v3.7 for Windows 95/98/NT/Me/XP/2000, cont.

Lap Summary and Segment Analysis Features

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Lap Summary Analysis

The DataMite Road Race & Circle Track Software has several features to analyze your results lap by lap and lap segment by lap segment.  These are done in reports, which can be selected from the Report Options screen shown here.


For a Lap Summary, the software allows you to pick what recorded or calculated channels you want to analyze, and then choose if you want to look for maximums, minimums, averages or all 3 to make a report which looks like the following:


You will notice a drop down menu at the top of this report screen called "Correlation".  Correlation is a statistical term which tries to determine if there is any relationship between 2 sets of numbers.  In the case of a Lap Analysis, you might like to know if one of these channels seems to have an effect on Lap Times.  For example, say there is a relationship between Max Braking Force and Lap Time, that as Max Brake Force goes down, Lap Times also go down.  What that could mean to the driver is that if they were easier on the brakes, their lap times could improve.

Say you produced the Lap Summary report above, and then you clicked on the Show Correlation in Report.  The program would check the correlation between all reported items and Lap Time to look for a correlation (relationship).  It would then show the results in a report as shown below.

The closer the "Correlation" number is to 1 (or -1) the higher the relationship between Lap Times and that particular parameter.  Some correlations are nearly "automatic", like Engine RPM (for a circle track car with no shifting) or MPH and Lap Times.  In order for a lap time to be short, the average MPH must be high.  But other correlations can lead to driver or vehicle insights.  As shown above, there is a VERY HIGH correlation between "Throttle, avg" and Lap Times.  (The Negative correlation (-) just means that as one number goes up the other number goes down.  When Average Throttle increases, Lap Times are reduced.)  This may be an automatic correlation like MPH and Lap Times, but does give the chassis tuner and driver something to think about.

After making a correlation report, you may want to investigate some of the high correlations.  For example, say you click in the "Throttle,  avg" column to highlight as shown above.  Then you click on "Show Correlation in Graph", the program will show the individual data points for "Throttle, avg" and Lap Time, as shown below:

The correlation graph does show a pretty strong relationship between Lap Times coming down as Average Throttle increases.

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Lap Segment Analysis

For road race courses, the program can break the course into individual segments based on accelerating and decelerating.  These can be viewed in the Track map as shown below:

The software allows you to:

  1. Have the program find segments automatically
  2. Change, add or delete segments manually
  3. Save segment settings, so the same settings can be used the next time you are at this road course.
  4. Print the track map with segment settings

Once segments have been determined, you can choose to do a Segment Analysis type of report as shown below:

Here is where the times for the individual segments of each lap are reported.  A fictitious "Best" lap is also generated (2nd column from the left) based on the best segment times from each segment.  Then for each lap, a "Dif" column is generated to show the difference between that segment time and the "Best" segment time.  Then at the bottom is the cumulative difference between for the whole lap between each lap and the "Best" lap.  Note:  For several reasons about vehicle attitude, speed, etc upon entering and exiting each segment, the "Best" lap time is probably NOT achievable for this particular vehicle.

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