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Manual Valve Opener for Flow Bench Testing

Performance Trends’ manual valve opener (part # PFA-VAU) lets you set the valve lift for your flow bench testing. Features include:

  • Rugged, clear anodized, billet aluminum construction.  (Other colors available.)
  • Universal mount included, allows for valve angle adjustment from approximately -10 to + 20 degrees (plenty for most any Head you will encounter) and up to 1" travel.
  • "Self Retracting" design.  The dial indicator retracts when you move it from one valve to another.  Very convenient.
  • Quik Retainer kit available (part # PFA-QR).  Kit includes 4 Quik Retainers (2 each of 2 different sizes) and 2 flow testing springs.  Std kit includes two 5/16" and two 11/32" Quik Retainers (8 mm and 3/8 also available).  These retainers they also fit the radius groove stems like GM LS valve).  See below.
  • 4 Valve option available.  See below.
  • Metric mm option available.

Valve-Opener-Adapter-Adjustment.jpg (269316 bytes) Universal mounting bracket is "4 way" adjustable.  (Click image to enlarge it.)


Quik-Retainer-Detail.jpg (62073 bytes) Quik Retainer Kit shown part number PFA-QR.  (Click image to enlarge it.)

Valve-Opener-Manual-4-Valve-Adapter.jpg (28511 bytes)  4 Valve Adapter part number PFA-VAU4 (Click image to enlarge it.)

  Mopar Adapter for BB and SB Mopar Wedge heads (and other heads with shaft mounted rocker arms) PFA-VMA 


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Valve Opener has a limited 1 year warranty.