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Affordable Dual Channel Thermocouple Amplifier

Our BB2-2KC dual channel K thermocouple amplifier provides signal conditioning for 2 thermocouple inputs, for just $190 US. 




5 volt DC, 20 mAmp Power Input
0-5 volt output for 0 to 2028 degrees F (0 to 1100 deg C)
2 Standard K thermocouple, mini female sockets for input.
6 pin Female Molex Mini Fit Jr (tm) connector for output (ground, 5V power, and 2 0-5 volt outputs) is on the back side of the picture shown above, opposite the thermocouple connectors.
1.5 x 2 x 2 inches
45 gms
Environmental: 40 to 140 deg F for enclosure, 0 to 80% humidity

This is our updated board design.  This Thermocouple Amp is EXTREMELY noise immune, with true differential inputs.  Don't let the low price fool you.  It has proven to be the most noise immune, stable and accurate thermocouple amp we've developed.

Typical Calibration Curve (for 2 different converters to show consistency between various parts)

  Actual Temp           BB2-2KC 1 *            BB2-2KC 2 *
  Deg F    

    32                    30                      30

   300                   298                     299

   600                   599                     598

  1000                   998                     997

  1500                  1499                    1498

  2000                  2000                    1998      

* This is using a straight line fit to the equation:   Deg F = -20 + 409.6 x Volts    The data shows excellent repeatability between 2 different amplifiers, and excellent overall accuracy.  The slight difference at the higher temperatures (0.5%) is most likely due to a difference in the thermocouple calibrator checking the amplifiers to the calibrator which calibrated the amplifiers.


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