We have been getting quite a few calls lately where someone is interested in our Engine Analyzer program. But sometimes they don’t realize we have 3 different versions of Engine Analyzer.

Engine Analyzer is our basic Engine Simulation program and lists for $109.95. This program offers over 90 examples of complete engine setups for a good starting point to modify and see what your changes will do. And with over a thousand different offerings (heads, intakes, turbos and etc) you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Engine Analyzer Plus is our mid level program. Listing at $199.00 it is a good option for people who are not quite ready for our top of the line program. It builds off of our basic version by adding:

  • Alternate Fuels
  • Estimate Piston-to-Valve Clearance
  • More graphing features
  • Import Head files from Performance Trends’ Port Flow Analyzer flow bench software
  • Variable Valve Timing (V V T)
  • And more

And finally Engine Analyzer Pro. This is our Top of the line Engine Simulation program and sells for $469.00. The Pro builds on the Plus version by adding:

  • Spark advance
  • Low lift versus high lift valve flow
  • Ring leakage on blow-by
  • Cam Profile, valve spring forces and valve train weights on valve toss
  • Cam Profile and valve flow curve interaction on torque and HP
  • Rod length on piston Gs, piston thrust, piston velocity
  • And more

For more information on the differences between these 3 programs we have made an Engine Analyzer Comparison Table to help you make an informed decision to choose the best version or your needs.


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