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Drag Racing DataMite v4.1

Data Logger and Computer Software to Measure, Graph, Report and Analyze Drag Racing Data from All Types of Vehicles

for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

IMPORTANT:  NHRA Accepted for NHRA Classes which allow data loggers.

Newer, larger DataMite 4 with almost double channels of DataMite III below                     

Our classic, data logger "workhorse":  DataMite III

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Our affordable DataMite III USB can record what your car is doing out on the track.  This is our 3rd generation of DataMite data logger, and it has several advanced features vehicle data logging.  With its surface mount technology, we’ve been able to pack lots of power into a very small package.  It’s only 4.2 x 5.6 x 1.7 inches (mounting flanges and hardware make the “footprint” larger) and weights less than 1 lb.  It’s main features include:  

  • DataMite III USB with 3 RPM channels and 12 analog channels.

  • 3 axis accelerometer

  • USB communications cable for setting up and troubleshooting

  • 1 Gig (1000 meg) or optional 2 Gig SD memory card, provides hours of recording time and incredibly fast uploading to your computer for analysis.

  • Lighted Start/Stop logging switch

  • 50 or 100 Hz sampling rate  

You can record from various sensors like shock travel; oil, fuel or nitrous pressures; oil, transmission or water temperatures; exhaust temperatures; infra red track temperature etc,  It has a built in 3 axis accelerometer (G sensor) and can also record weather information.  Now you will always get your density altitude, weather corrections, humidity on every pass without even thinking about it.  Using information about the car like tire sizes, gear ratios, etc, you can also calculate additional parameters like tire slip, clutch or converter slip, MPH, distance, etc. 


The DataMite software has several built in features to make it easy for beginners. One is the ability of the program to automatically find the start and finish of runs. This makes it easy for you to concentrate on the actual run, and not sort through burn outs, driving in the pits, etc. This also makes it easy to print reports, make graphs and overlay 2 or more runs for comparisons.

The DataMite software has sophisticated features not found in software costing much more, like:

  • Graphing features of time aligning, zooming, cursor (to pin-point points on the graph), analyze (find the max, min, average and time or distance between 2 cursors), graphing vs RPM, time or distance, and much.

  • Log Book for recording all the other information of the run, like segment times, suspension settings, engine settings, clutch/converter details, and much more.

  • Ability to link to our suspension programs so you can actually watch the suspension move based on shock travel indicators.

  • History log for tracking and sorting recent runs in chronological order.

  • Search features for finding past tests based on key words or settings of certain specs.

  • Ability to build custom reports.

  • Read electronic weather station.

Some features are only available in Pro version.



The software comes in either Basic or Pro versions, and has several features, including:

Basic Version:

  • Capability to configure and calibrate the software for most any combination of sensors.

  • Capability to tailor the program to work with most any type of vehicle.

  • User friendly, Windows interface, compatible with 95, 98, Me, XP, 2000 and NT.

  • Can print results using most any Windows compatible printer, many times in color.

  • Save nearly unlimited number of tests for recall, comparison and analysis in the future.

  • Allows several reporting and graphing options for analysis, either vs RPM or vs time in seconds.

  • Real time display of selected channels.


Added Features for Pro Version:

  • You get a complete detailed log book of all those other things required for a complete record of the run, like weather, segment times and analysis, lane, suspension settings, engine settings (including a jet selector for weather changes), tire/shock/spring settings, user definable records, clutch and converter info, and much more.

  • Customize printed reports and especially graphs. You can include comments for each engine graphed.

  • Write ASCII files for importing data into other computer programs.

  • Filter (find) past tests based on certain criteria, like 60 ft time, certain Track name, etc.

  • Overlay graphs for more than 2 runs (up to 6 runs).

  • Time align graphs (shift one graph left or right over another graph) vs time for better comparisons.

  • "History Log", keeps a running log of tests you have recently started new, run, graphed or reported.

  • "Analyze" button for graphs, let you use to cursor lines to "analyze" (average, max and min) what’s between the 2 cursors.

  • Send Shock Travel data to our 4 Link Calculator or "Full Vehicle" version of Suspension Analyzer for suspension animation and analysis.

  • Make Comparison Reports (side-by-side columns of numbers) for 2 or more tests.

  • Make Engine RPM Histogram graphs or overlay graphs.

  • Manually set the graph scales and save these scale settings for easy recall for various types of graphs.

  • More gauges and bar graphs on the Current Readings screen, which is very useful for debugging and initial system setup.

Suspension Analyzer screen showing display of shock travel sensor data, distance traveled and Engine RPM.

4 Link Calculator screen showing display of shock travel sensor data, distance traveled and Engine RPM.


New DataMite 4/DataMite Analyzer v4.1 Features:

The DataMite 4 has 2 digital output channels, which the DataMite Analyzer v4.1 software lets you take advantage of.  

  • Turn on or off various devices via relays at certain conditions, like a fan when a temperature goes above a certain limit.
  • Shift light at a particular RPM
  • Engine rev limiter
  • Engine over speed cutoff
  • Low oil pressure engine cutoff
  • And most any other logic you can imagine

This screen shows how you can set up a digital output channel


The DataMite 4 also has the ability to precisely determine the response time between a transbrake or clutch signal and a particular acceleration G level.  This can help you determine how consistent your vehicle is at launching.

This screen shows how you can set up the acceleration timer

This screen shows where this response time will appear in your Drag Race Log Book results inside the Pro version of Drag Race DataMite program


What You Need:

Computer with Windows  XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.


What You Get:

  • DataMite III USB data logger - NHRA Accepted *
  • 1 Gig memory card
  • Engine RPM from most tach signals
  • Driveshaft RPM sensor and driveshaft yoke collar with magnets
  • 3 axis internal accelerometer 
  • Power voltage signal
  • 12 analog channels (will require "breakout" cables for easy access")
  • Program CD and 180 page manual and some example drag race runs preloaded for you to start with.
  • 2 license keys (code numbers) to have the program on 2 computers at the same time.  Additional sites can be added at a nominal charge.

* IMPORTANT:  NHRA Accepted for NHRA Classes which allow data loggers.



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To Order:

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Electronics like DataMite and DataMite II have a limited 1 year warranty.