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Dyno DataMite v4.2

Data Logger and Computer Software to Measure, Graph, Report and Analyze Dynamometer Data from Inertia (flywheel) Dynos or Absorber (water brake, eddy current, etc) Dynos, Either Chassis or Engine

for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Newer, larger DataMite 4 with almost                                   
double channels of DataMite III below                                     Smaller, more affordable DataMite Mini   

Our classic, data logger "workhorse":  DataMite III


Shown below is the program's main screen highlighting some new features.



Our our biggest 40 channel DataMite 4, middle sized 20 channel DataMite III USB, or smaller 7 channel DataMite Mini USB can computerize your dynamometer for improved accuracy and time savings. You can watch "real time" gauges as you run the engine, make color torque and HP graphs and print them in color with a color printer, overlay 2 or more graphs for comparisons, save nearly an unlimited number of runs for retrieval in the future, make reports and averages over most any RPM range and much more.

We've instrumented over 1300 dynos, from small RC engines using 7" diameter inertia wheels, to inertia dynos running 2500 HP blown alcohol motors.  We've retrofitted Dyno Jet (tm), Clayton (tm) chassis dynamometers, Go Power (tm), Land & Sea (tm), SuperFlow (tm), and Stuska (tm) engine dynos, and hundreds of other custom, home built and DIY dynos.  If you've got a dyno of any type, we can add instrumentation to give you accurate and professional results.  for some pictures of our customer's dynos.

Performance Trends has been doing racing software since 1986, so we know what engine builders need and how to make it easy. You will be amazed to find all the powerful, yet "easy-to-use" features in our software, and surprised that we can still keep our costs so low. From a simple system recording just RPM/torque/HP up to a complete system recording fuel pressure, fuel flow, oil pressure, A/F ratio, 8 exhaust temperatures, weather conditions and more; Performance Trends can supply the complete package.

You can tune your engines by measuring additional inputs, like fuel flow, air flow, oil or fuel pressure and A/F.  Setting A/F (air to fuel ratio or how rich the engine is running) is critical to obtaining peak performance.  A/F can now be inexpensively added to most any dyno, even small Kart dynos, because of the tremendous advances with wide band oxygen sensors.  See picture below.

Wide_Band_A-F_Sensor_UEGO_On_Briggs_Kart_Dyno_Motor.gif (25086 bytes)  (Click image to make it larger)  for more info on running A/F on Kart Dynos.

You can even control relays, fans, lights, etc with the digital outputs available in the big DataMite 4.  It has 2 user programmable digital outputs for this purpose.   for more info.

Our reliable packages and customer service give you confidence you will be testing very soon after getting your system from us.  We offer free phone support, and have several Troubleshooting features built in the software.  to meet one of our customers who has over 15,000 dyno pulls on his DataMite system, and it's still running problem free.


Current Readings Screen showing 8 EGT channels, and user settable color warnings

The screen above shows the use of "Color Warnings", where you can choose certain limits for certain channels.  When an output goes either above or below a certain value (your choice), you can request a Caution (in yellow) or Warning (in red) color to be displayed to highlight this condition.  Color warnings and other options are available by clicking on Options at the top of the Current Readings screen.


Typical Analysis Graph comparing 5 power runs



The software comes in Basic, Pro, or Enterprise versions, and has several features, including:

Basic Version:


Added Features for Pro Version:

for a more complete list of the Dyno DataMite Pro Features.


Graph below shows repeatability to be expected with DataMite systems when used with an absorber (water brake) dyno.  Courtesy Jason Saris at Performance Marine:   To email them


Added Features for advanced Enterprise Edition Version:

Our most advanced Enterprise Edition of the Dyno DataMite adds extra features only the most advanced users will need, like:

for more info on Enterprise Edition features.

Picking OBD2 channels
(click image to enlarge)


Including an Engine, Vehicle, or "Test Piece" picture with a test
   Dyno-DataMite-Main-Screen-Engine-Picture.gif (59609 bytes) (click images to enlarge)


Using chassis dyno coastdown results to obtain Total Correct HP (the sum of measured HP and coastdown HP)
Dyno-Chassis-HP-With-Coastdown.gif (33965 bytes)
  (click image to enlarge)


Measuring Spark Advance (Measured spark vs OBD2 spark)
Spark-Advance-Comparison.gif (27246 bytes)  (click image to enlarge)


for more info on Enterprise Edition features.


New DataMite 4 and DataMite Analyzer v4.1 Features:

This screen shows how you can set up a digital output channel

for information on the new features in v4.1.


New DataMite Analyzer v4.2 Features:


for more info on v4.2's new features.


Retrofitting Your Dyno:

The Dyno DataMite system has been used to computerize Stuska(tm), DynoJet(tm), Land & Sea(tm), SuperFlow(tm), Go Power(tm), Davenport(tm), Prototype(tm), Clayton(tm), and numerous other brands of dynos.  In some cases we can use some of your existing sensors.  Call or email your details about your dyno, including:

to send us an email about retrofitting your existing dyno.

for info on our prototype Dyno Controllers.



for answers for frequently asked questions about installing our system on your dyno.

for help and FREE on-line Calculators for sizing the roller and/or flywheel for engine only or chassis, inertia dynos.


What You Need:

Computer with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. 


What You Get:

Program CD and 220 page manual and some example dyno runs preloaded for you to start with. You get 2 license keys (code numbers) to have the program on 2 computers at the same time.  Additional sites can be added at a nominal charge.


More Information, Download Demo:

to go to our Demo Downloading page to download a FREE Dyno DataMite Demo.

to go to our Demo Movie page to watch Dyno DataMite Demo Movies .

for info on the DataMite Data Loggers.

for details on installation and wiring of the DataMite logger and sensors.

to Visit the TDK Motorsports page for information on building a small engine, inertia dyno.

to see some or our Customer's comments and dynos.

to see package prices for typical dyno installations

for financing info on paying on installments.


To Order:

Call 248-473-9230 to spec out a system for your needs. Visa and Mastercard accepted.


Financing can make your larger investment very affordable.  Here's a typical rate schedule (June 2018).

to estimate your leasing payments via Marlin Finance  to email Marlin Finance