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Fuel Economy Calculator v1.1 for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Computer Program to Calculate MPG for Various Modifications to the Engine, Vehicle, Road or Driving Conditions.

Fuel Economy Calculator is probably the most detailed program for predicting the effects of modifications of fuel efficiency. It includes these features:

  • Calculates cruising MPG for most any MPH or RPM (user selectable) for most any transmission gear.

  • Built in examples of several transmissions and vehicle aerodynamics to make building vehicles easy.

  • Built in examples of complete vehicles.

  • Easily build engines for the program by choosing one of the "Typical" Engine Types.  Then all you need to supply is Displacement and Number of Cylinders.  Switch to one of the "User Defined" Engine Types and make most any engine modification you want.

  • Side-by-Side comparison of a Baseline vehicle to a proposed New vehicle.

  • Detailed enough for engineers to estimate effects, but easy to use features so most anyone can use it.  The engineering details include:

    • Defining air resistance (aerodynamic drag) as Drag Coefficient and Frontal Area.

    • Defining rolling resistance by simple general tire descriptions or by entering Rolling Resistance Coefficient (RRC) directly by right clicking on the Tires label.

  • Generates tables of MPG over a range of either RPM or MPH (user selectable) for each transmission gear.

  • High resolution graphs of the results in the Table are possible with advanced cursor, zoom, scaling and print features let you do detailed analysis.

  • Auto-Links to our latest Engine Analyzer programs for automatic readings of how engine modifications are likely to affect Fuel Economy.

  • Will accept power curves and engine specs automatically sent from our latest Engine Analyzer programs.

  • Option of Perfect Lab or Real World Driving Conditions adjusts for results more in line with actual Fuel Economy users would expect. 


What You Need:

Computer with Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10. 


More Information, Download Demo:

to go to our Demo Downloading page to download a FREE Fuel Economy Calulator Demo.


To Order:

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You can download this program as a demo Free to try it. If you want to order it, call 248-473-9230 with your Visa, MC, AmExp or Discover card. Performance Trends can provide you an "unlocking code" number to activate all features (bring it out of demo mode). When newer versions are released, you can download the latest demo and activate all features with this same "unlocking code".

The "on screen" help explains all features, inputs and outputs. This program does not come with a user’s manual.

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