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How To Purchase

         COD (in US only) and Wire Transfer Accepted    

Most of our computer software can be ordered directly online.  Click on the Software menu item (blue bar at the upper left of most all pages), then pick the category and software you want to purchase.  At the bottom of the particular page will be buttons to add the software (and shipping and paper user's manual if you want) to the Shopping Cart.  Other buttons let you "View Cart" and "Checkout" to complete your purchase.

Other products can not be purchased online.  This includes most electronics and hardware, because we want to make sure you get exactly the right product or tool for your job.  For these items, you must either call in, fax, or email your order:

Call 248-473-9230  ext 2 for sales  9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern time in the US

Fax 248-442-7750

Email:  sales@performancetrends.com  

If you have a detailed quote from Performance Trends, and want to pay that specific amount, click on the following link:   www.performancetrends.com/store/QuotedPrice.html

Ordering Software via the Shopping Cart:  

If you are ordering a computer program (software only), first download and install the demo for evaluation.  All of our demos can be unlocked with a special unlocking code number.

The first time you run the program, it will ask you for a Registered Name.  Enter a name you will be happy with because it will appear on the main screen and on your printouts.  The program will generate a Registered Code number based on the name you entered.  Include in your order this exact name (paying close attention to which letters are capitalized, case sensitive) and code number.

For some of our larger programs (Engine Analyzer Pro, Drag Race Analyzer Pro, Port Flow Analyzer), you must also include a computer hardware number.  To check if your program requires a computer hardware number, click on File (upper left corner of main screen), then Unlock Program Options.  In the next screen, you will see 3 numbers and the Registered Name, one of the numbers being the Computer Hardware number.  We will need the exact Registered Name, Registered Code and Computer Hardware number.  If you do not see "Unlock Program Options" in your program, your software doesn't require a Computer Hardware number for unlocking.

Include the Registered Name and the required numbers in the comments section of your order and we can email your Unlocking Code right away.

Shipping can be done 3 ways:

  1. Email shipping, no charge.  This is where we email you an invoice and the unlocking number
  2. CD only.  All programs have On Screen help.  Many programs also have detailed user manuals (Adobe Acrobat PDF files), available by clicking on Help, then Display User's Manual.  You can order just a CD for your program, which is $2 in the US, or $5 outside the US.
  3. CD and printed User's Manual, which vary from $7 to $25.  Shipping for a CD and printed User's Manual is $5 in the US (priority mail), or $25 outside the US.


Ordering Electronics or Hardware:  

Because of the many variations in vehicles, dynos, flow benches, etc that you may want to use our electronics on, we recommend you call or have us call you.  We want to make sure that your order will do the job you expect it to do.  Click here or on link below to send an email about your particular interest, or request us to call.  We can then send a detailed quote for exactly what you want.

Email to:  sales@performancetrends.com