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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

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Subject: Product News/Updates, April 2013

  1. New, Digital Input/Output Options for DataMite 4
  2. Updated DataMite Sensors and Options Web Page
  3. New, Low Restriction Air Meter
  4. New, Extended Swirl Blade for Small Bores
  5. Last March's Newsletter


1)  New, Digital Input/Output Options for DataMite 4  The DataMite 4 has 4 digital input channels and 2 digital output channels.  The digital inputs can be used for recording simple On/Off events, like brake light, trans brake, throttle stop, etc.  We offer convenient breakout cables and leads for you to wire in these digital signals.

 Digital-Input-Breakout-Cable-DT4-DIBC.jpg (34553 bytes) Click image of DT4-DIBC (breakout cable for 4 digital channels) to enlarge it

Digital-Input-Lead-DT4-DIL.jpg (31866 bytes)  Click image of DT4-DIL (lead to be wired to on/off signal) to enlarge it

One particularly useful application is the DataMite 4's Acceleration Timer, where the system will precisely time from when the trans brake is released via a digital input, and the vehicle has reached some level of acceleration, say, 0.8 Gs.  This can be very useful information for troubleshooting an inconsistent car or (heaven forbid) inconsistent driver.  We now offer the DT4-DITB Trans Brake Digital Input harness for this exact application.  It has built in signal conditioning designed for trans brake signals.

Digital-Input-Trans-Brake-DT4-DITB.jpg (16040 bytes) Click image of DT4-DITB (lead to be wired to trans brake signal) to enlarge it

  for info on the Acceleration Timer feature.


The DataMite 4 also has 2 digital output channels which can be used to turn on or off fans, lights, motors, the ignition system as an engine kill option, etc.  These can be configured by the user to "trip" on most any measured channel, most any level, either going above or below some level, and turn things On or Off for a user defined period of time.  

Digital-Output-Harness-DT4-DOH.jpg (37373 bytes)  Click image of DT4-DOH (2 channel digital output harness) to enlarge it

Digital-Output-LED-DT4-DOL-and-DT4-DOLB.jpg (37313 bytes)  Click image of DT4-DOL w DT4-DOLB (.8" diameter, bright LED w bracket) to enlarge it

Digital-Output-Relay-DT4-DOR.jpg (35013 bytes) Click image of DT4-DOR (20 amp on/off relay) to enlarge it


  for info on the Digital Output features.


2)  Updated DataMite Sensors and Options Web Page  We've gotten lots of feedback that the page listing all our DataMite loggers, sensors and options with pricing was very confusing.  We had to agree, and we finally got time to organize it.  Let us know what you think.  

  for the DataMite Prices page.


3)  New, Low Restriction Air Meter  We've developed an air meter which is lower restriction than the orifice meter we've offered in the past.  It also has more length over previous "vehicle type" meters for better flow straightening for improved consistency.  The 4" meter is part number DT4-MAFL can measure up to 800 CFM and has no small or moving parts to risk being ingested by the engine.   A 3" meter for lower flow is also available.

800-CFM-Low-Restriction-Air-Meter.jpg (94904 bytes)  Click image of DT4-MAFL (mass air flow sensor, large) to enlarge it


4)  New, Extended Swirl Blade for Small Bores  When you install very small bore adapter on our swirl meter, the meter and sensor can block a significant part of the flow area.  This makes the swirl meter a restriction and it's presence will reduce the flow readings. When installed in a 4" bore, there is almost 0 restriction from the meter.  Installed in a 2.5" bore, the swirl meter can reduce the CFM reading by 10% or more.

We have now developed a swirl blade design to extend the blade farther up into the bore.  This allows the bore adapter to enlarge below the swirl blade to increase the flow area by the swirl meter sensor and base plate, greatly reducing flow restriction. 

Swirl-Extended-Blade.jpg (119628 bytes)  Click image of Extended Blade to enlarge it

Swirl-Extended-Blade-Diagram.jpg (59217 bytes) Click image of Installing Extended Blade in Bore Adapter to enlarge it

 for info on our Swirl Meter and Extended Blade option.


5) Last March's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of March 2013's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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