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Subject: Product News/Updates, August 2016  

  1. Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 B Released
  2. Blowby Logger Data
  3. Labor Day Holiday
  4. Last July's Newsletter

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1)  Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 B Released We've been working a long time on one of our most popular programs, the Engine Analyzer Pro.  It is now up to v3.9 B for both the standard Pro and more advanced Enterprise Edition.



Engine-Analyzer-Pro-Cam-Specs-Screen.gif (38291 bytes)  click image to enlarge valve lift graph in Cam Specs screen.


Engine-Analyzer-Pro-Variable-Valve-Timing.gif (40071 bytes)  click image to enlarge it to show "ramping" (gradual changing) variable valve timing V.V.T.


Major enhancements to Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 B include:

Major enhancements to Engine Analyzer Pro Enterprise Edition v3.9 B include:

Engine-Analyzer-Pro-Valve-Springs-Input-Screen.gif (22613 bytes) click image to show input screen for Valve Spring Dynamics


Engine-Analyzer-Pro-Valve-Springs-Dynamics-Graphs.gif (123028 bytes) click image to show graphing valve spring dynamics


for a PDF file of the User's Manual.  All these new features are discussed in detail starting on page 277.

to visit our Engine Analyzer Pro page discussing all the program's details.

to visit our Engine Analyzer Pro Enterprise Edition page discussing all the program's details.

If you own the current v3.9 A, this is a $95 update.  If you own v3.9 A Enterprise Edition, this is a $150 update charge.  If you own Engine Analyzer Pro v3.5, this is a $200 update, and if you own and Engine Analyzer Pro v3.3 or earlier, this is a $300 update.  You can not purchase an update on the website, but must contact us directly.

to send us an email requesting info on updating to v3.9B from an earlier version.


2)  Blowby Logger Data A user of our Blowby Sensor and Mini Logger sent us some data they recorded when running a 331 SB Ford on their DTS dyno.  The DTS dyno did not have any spare channels, so the separate logger was the obvious fix.  The data is for 3 back-to-back runs, about 2 minutes of recording time.  It shows good repeatability, and how handy it is to have a separate logger recording both blowby and RPM.  In the highlighted row in the list it shows 2.80 CFM at 6951 RPM at 52.9 seconds into the data set.  This data could be exported to Notepad for more analysis if needed.


to visit our Blowby Sensor and Logger web page.


3)  Labor Day Holiday  The office will be closed both Friday, Sept 2 and Monday, Sept 5 for the Labor Holiday.  We will try to answer all emails and phone messages when the office is closed.  Enjoy your last holiday of the summer!


4) Last July's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of July 2016's newsletter (or any previous newsletter) for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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