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  1. New Blowby Recorder Features
  2. What Our Customers Say
  3. Labor Day Schedule
  4. Last June's Newsletter


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1) New Blowby Recorder Features  Last month we announced a new blowby range of 0.3 CFM for very small engines.  This month of August, we released some new features for the Blowby Recorder, which include:



Blowby is probably the best indicator of how well the rings are sealing, much better than leakdown or compression.  If you already own a blowby sensor and want to have the range changes, send it in and we can do if for $50.  Standard ranges we have now include 0.3, 1, 3, 6, 12 and 18 CFM.  We've also made special custom ranges of 30 CFM and higher for big blower motors.

  for more info on the Blowby Sensor and Recorder.  


2) What Our Customers Say  We appreciate feedback on our products, even though it may not sound like it on the phone when you mention you found a bug     Lots of the feedback is very positive, and we certainly appreciate that also.  Here are some recent examples:

Randy Gallagher/Bishop Performance  #78 WOW Racing Team, Flat Rock Speedway, Capac, MI USA  Jeff Metdepenningen and I began stock car racing in 1980. I do the chassis set up in this car every Thursday. This is the first time he used this software (Suspension Analyzer), I used it before with Legend cars. The driver may be surprised, but I'm not. We have not even begun to figure out what this program can do for us. When that happens, watch out. This win is all handling, 'cause we sure don't have any motor'.    Macomb Daily articles attached. Thanks guys.
Bill-Bishop-Jeff-Metdepenningen-Car.jpg (57413 bytes) Bill-Bishop-Jeff-Metdepenningen-Newspaper.jpg (122953 bytes)  (click images to enlarge them) 

Ed Tyler  veteran Funny Car Engine Builder, Brownsburg, IN USA   We use the Performance Trends' Automatic Spring Tester all the time.  We've run probably thousands of springs through it, both valve springs and clutch springs.

Dave McLain McLain's Automotive, Cuba MO   This morning I had a customer come in with an unknown cam from his Big Block Chevy. It was a solid roller that had been badly damaged by a lifter failure so he needed a new cam. The problem was that the numbers had been ground off of the cam by a previous owner so the only information he had was the lash setting.  Call in the Cam Analyzer (with Cam Test Stand) which was used to create a cam card with all of the information he needed to know about the cam in minutes. Great tool!

  to visit our "What our Users Say" page.  If you've been hesitant to purchase one of our tools, seeing what others have said may let you "get over the hump" on your purchase.


3) Labor Day Schedule  Happy Labor Day!  I'm sure lots of you will be at the track over the long weekend.  We will have limited support on Friday, Sept 1 and be closed on Labor Day, September 4.  As always, if you need help, send an email to as emails are often answered more quickly than phone messages.  Enjoy the last weekend of summer.


4) Last July's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of July 2017's newsletter (or any previous newsletter) for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

  1. New Bob Weight Calculations in Engine Build Log Book
  2. New 0.3 CFM Blowby Sensor for Kart Motors
  3. New 3600 CFM Air Flow Meter for Dyno DataMite
  4. Last June's Newsletter

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