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Subject: Product News/Updates, Dec 2012

  1. IMIS and PRI Trade Show Recap
  2. Holiday Schedule and Gift Giving
  3. Engine Analyzer Pro Enterprise Edition, Bug Fixes
  4. Last November's Newsletter


1)  IMIS and PRI Trade Show Recap  Like last year, we displayed at both the PRI show in Orlando and the International Motorsport Industry Show (IMIS) show in Indianapolis.  Thanks to all who stopped by.  The info below will update you if you couldn't make either show.

Our booth at Performance Racing Industry Show w Tom from Shipping/Mfg dept (PRI Orlando)
PRI 2012.jpg (402878 bytes)  (click image to enlarge)

Our booth at International Motorsport Industry Show (IMIS Indianapolis)
IMIS 2012.jpg (361940 bytes)   IMIS 2012 New Products Display.jpg (372580 bytes)  (click images to enlarge)

The Shock Dyno got put on the "back burner" this last year as we concentrated on other products and day-to-day business.  However, we did make some progress redesigning the scotch yoke mechanism to be much "beefier" over the original prototype design.  We've cycled high pull-down shocks at their max rate for 20 min or more, until the shock got up to 300+ deg.  We had to shut the dyno down to keep the shock from failing, and the dyno said "Is that all you got?".

1.5HP, 110 VAC motor (ideal for most trailers and generators). 
Up to 3 stroke and 20/second shock velocity.  (This has been increased from last years specs.)
Works with forces up to 1500 lbs.   (This has been increased from last years specs.)
Optional shock temperature sensor, and warm up procedure before testing. 
Optional Plus version of software.
USB computer interface.
Safety Shutdown if Max Force is exceeded.
Software compatible with Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8. 
Base Price starting at around $3500.  (If you've been following the shock dyno, you'll notice the price has gone up some from what we projected last year.  At $3500, it is still the most inexpensive, professional, motorized shock dyno you will find.)

shock dyno PRI 2011.jpg (117533 bytes)   (click image to enlarge)    for the Shock Dyno user's manual.

We expect to start taking orders for the Shock Dyno in February, so stay tuned.


Quick Cam Checker
Cam Quick Check.jpg (132199 bytes)  (click image to enlarge)    for movie file showing this great new tool in action.


  to check out the "2012, Latest News" brochure we handed out at the shows to get up to date on these and other new products.

  1. Shock Dyno (see pic above, click blue Shock Dyno link for more info).
  2. Quick Cam Checker for $749.
  3. Upcoming A/F sensor checker.
  4. Updated/upgraded Compression Ratio Pro v2.3.
  5. Upcoming Port Flow Analyzer v3.5B with advanced Head Porter version.
  6. Upcoming flow bench Depression Control.
  7. New Micro logger to log a signal like A/F, pressure or blow-by with RPM.
  8. And more.

Upcoming newsletters will discuss these products in more detail.


2)  Holiday Schedule and Gift Giving  Performance Trends wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season.    

Here's our holiday office schedule:

Event Office Schedule
Christmas Closed Dec 24 - 25
Dec 26-Dec 28 Reduced staff
New Years Closed Dec 31 - Jan 1

We can take orders for email delivery for Christmas through Dec 21, for last minute gift giving.  You can give a program for Christmas and "wrap up" the emailed invoice which contains the unlock code for most any program on our website.  Your gift can download from our website on Christmas Eve or Christmas day and running in minutes.   

If you are not sure, you can purchase a Gift Certificate for any amount $20 or higher.  We will refund the difference should you decide to give too much, up to 50% of the original amount.  Say you give a $100 gift certificate, and your racer decides on a $79.95 program.  We'll refund the $20.05 difference.  These can also be emailed at the last minute.  Shopping could not be easier, AND you're getting them what they want.  Gift Certificates are not available on line, you have to call 248-473-9230 and ask for sales.

If you need a gift which needs to be shipped, Wed Dec 19 is probably the cut-off date, unless you want to pay for UPS next day air shipping.

If you have any questions, call 248-473-9230.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


3)  Engine Analyzer Pro Enterprise Edition, Bug Fixes  Well, as usually happens, the first couple of users of the new Enterprise Edition found a couple of things we missed.  

We fixed bug where Turbo map was being used if one had been specified but the program was set to "No" for Use Turbo Map. 
We fixed minor bug where 2 future Enterprise Edition features were shown but did not do anything.

For those who own the Enterprise Edition, you can update by installing right over the top of your existing version at this link:

  to update your Engine Analyzer Pro Enterprise Edition v3.9

When you are asked during the installation, select to do a Refresh installation instead of a Complete (typical) installation.  Once installed, click on Help (at the top of the main screen), and then select About...    The new version number (written in blue) should now be 3.9 A.056. 

   to see Enterprise Edition Supplement  in PDF format.

   for the Engine Analyzer Pro Enterprise Edition for more details.

Note:  The Enterprise Edition is completely contained in the Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 A.054 demo.  If you purchased the Enterprise Edition, you receive a different unlock code which unlocks the Enterprise Edition features.   For updates and upgrades, you must contact us before purchasing so we can confirm what version you own already:  248-473-9230 or  sales@performancetrends.com

You own... Update for Std Engine Analyzer Pro Upgrade for Enterprise Edition
Nothing, a new purchase $469 (pn EAP39C) $699 (pn EAPE39C)
Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 na $230 (pn EAPE39UG)
Engine Analyzer Pro v3.5 $75 (pn EAP39CU) Update to v3.9, then add 
$230 (pn EAPE39UG) ($305 total)
Engine Analyzer Pro v3.3 $110 (pn EAP39CU2) Update to v3.9, then add 
$230 (pn EAPE39UG) ($340 total)
Engine Analyzer Pro v2.1 or 1.1 $250 (pn EAP39CU3) Update to v3.9, then add 
$230 (pn EAPE39UG) ($480 total)

4) Last November's Newsletter
Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of November 2012's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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