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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

To: Visitors to Performance Trends Website

Subject: Product News/Updates, February 2015  

  1. "On Engine" Valve Spring Checker Released
  2. Narrow Universal Flat Follower for Cam Test Stand
  3. Fuel Economy Calculator Enhancements
  4. Last January's Newsletter

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1)  "On Engine" Valve Spring Checker Released  This tool may revolutionize how valve seat pressure is measured in the future.  Like traditional valve seat pressure checkers, it has an electronic reading and you can feel or watch when the valve unseats and re-seats and note the force.  However, our "smart" tester can do this automatically.  You just pull and release the valve from its seat and the checker determines the seated force automatically.  The repeatability is great, and you get the same answer no matter who does the testing!

  for more details and to watch 2 movies.


2)  Narrow Universal Flat Follower for Cam Test Stand  If you want to measure where a dowel pin is located on a cam, the most convenient method is to place our universal flat tappet on the pin and rotate the cam and have the program find the dowel pin's "centerline".  Well, some dowel pins only stick out 1/4" (6 mm) or less and the body of the universal flat may not allow the "flat" to ride on the pin.  So we developed the Narrow Universal Flat tappet.  It's large, flat face lets you keep the "tappet" face tight against the journal, and measure a dowel pin location for pins sticking out just a few mm.

for more info on the narrow universal flat tappet

for more info on the entire Cam Test Stand


3)  Fuel Economy Calculator Enhancements  We've added a new mode to our Fuel Economy Calculator.   You can continue to let the calculator give you idealized "laboratory" results, or choose it's new "Real World" mode.  Here you get MPG simulations closer to what an actual human driver would get doing the steady-state cruising at constant speed, but with small changes in conditions, throttle movements, etc. 

This is the only simulation program we know of which does detailed analysis of the effects of engine and/or vehicle modifications on fuel economy.  For example simulate the effect on MPG by changing the camshaft, going from a V8 to a 4 cylinder engine, changing alternator charging load, headwind, grade by starting a 100 mile trip at 200 ft elevation and finishing at 1000 ft elevation, and much more. 

We've also recently found and fixed a couple of bugs in the program, the most noticeable is that it would not always link up with our Engine Analyzer programs.  When it links up (Auto-Links) you get a new fuel economy MPG for every engine modification you make.  To get this FREE update, download and install the demo right over the existing version you have now.  If given the choice when installing, select to do a refresh installation, not a complete-typical installation.

for more info, and for links to the free demo and purchasing at the bottom of this page.


4) Last January's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of January 2015's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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