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  1. Shock Dyno - Get Ready for Racing
  2. Spark Advance Measurement - National Dragster
  3. DataMite - Troubleshoot RPM Movie
  4. FAQ - Turbo Maps - Finding Lash Point - More
  5. Last January's Newsletter


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1)  Shock Dyno - Get Ready for Racing  Right now we've got several shock dynos in stock.  However, if you want to get one for the start of the racing season, get your order in early.  Depending on the demand, we could be out of stock right when you need one delivered.  With prices starting at $4499 for a fully motorized, computerized dyno which can handle forces up to 2000 lbs, they could go quickly.

 for all the information on our very affordable Shock Dyno.  Several links on this page go to movies, pricing, and other information.  See how it's results compare to a Roehrig tm dyno costing 3 times as much.

 for our "sales pitch" movie, explaining the main features and how we can offer such a quality machine at such an affordable price.

 for our "sales pitch" movie from above, but on our YouTube page (in case your computer doesn't like the format of the movie above).

 to email us about purchasing.  We can also arrange for leasing one for a few hundred dollars a month.


2)  Spark Advance Measurement - National Dragster  National Dragster, the official publication for the NHRA, is running an article on the Dyno DataMite 4's Spark Advance Measurement feature, in the Feb 24 issue on page 73.   

Spark Advance is probably the most critical requirement for a racing engine for optimum performance.  Too little and you lose power and risk very high exhaust temperatures and exhaust valves.  Too much and you lose power and risk detonation, holes in pistons and total engine failure.  Most dyno testers check the spark advance with a timing light and assume it stays the same and well controlled through the entire dyno run.  Or they believe what the engine controller is saying the spark advance should be.  But the DataMite 4 will measure what the spark advance actually is.

The blue line on the graph below shows what the engine controller told us the spark advance should be via an OBD2 link.  The green line is what the DataMite 4 measured to actually be.  You will see the DataMite 4's measurement responds more quickly (occurs sooner) and shows the real extremes (goes higher and lower) than the OBD2 data.  If you are developing a cutting edge race motor and you want it to be optimized for power and reliability, you really need to measure spark advance through the entire RPM range.

Measured Spark vs OBD2 Spark


 for more information on the Spark Advance measurement feature in our DataMite 4 with our Enterprise Edition software.


3) DataMite - Troubleshoot RPM Movie  We put a new movie on the website showing how to troubleshoot the RPM input channels of our USB DataMites.  Occasionally a customer will say they do not have any RPM reading.  The cause could be a faulty sensor or cable, an improper setting in the software, or a faulty input channel in the DataMite.  This movie shows how you can test the channel and software settings without a sensor or cable.  To be honest, with the hundreds of USB DataMite's we've sold, I can't remember one where an RPM channel failed.  But there's always a first time.  The problem is typically a sensor, software setting, or possibly an improper jumper inside a DataMite Mini USB.  (There are no jumpers concerning RPM in the DataMite III or DataMite 4.)

for this troubleshooting movie.


4) FAQ - Turbo Maps in EA Pro Enterprise  We've added answers to several new Frequently Asked Questions various customers have asked over the past few months.  Even if you don't have a particular question, the FAQ page is a wealth of knowledge about all our products.  Many times it will show details on the most recent features of a product that are not contained in the User's Manual.  We really recommend you take a look.

  How do I use a .jpg file of a turbo compressor map for entering a detailed map into Engine Analyzer Pro Enterprise Edition?      Engine-Analyzer-Pro-Enterprise-Turbo-Map-Graphics-File.jpg (244352 bytes)  click image to enlarge it

  How can I tell if a cam is hydraulic or solid, and if solid, what lash it is designed for (measured on Cam Test Stand)?  Find-Lash-Point-Using-Acceleration-Graph.gif (61310 bytes)   click image to enlarge it

  Do you have any technical info on reading the Shock Dyno results and adjusting the Shocks?

  I'm using the Engine Inertia correction for my water brake dyno (using Dyno DataMite). How can I see how much effect it is having on the results?

  for the full Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page


5) Last January's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of January 2017's newsletter (or any previous newsletter) for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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