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Subject: Product News/Updates, Jan 2013

  1. New "Find a Spring" Feature in Spring Wiz
  2. Cam Analyzer "Cam Grinder" Features
  3. Fix for SuperFlow FlowCom (tm) Working in Windows 7
  4. Drag Racing Analyzer v3.4 Bug Fix
  5. Our Programs are Windows 8 Compatible
  6. No-Weld Thermocouple & O2 Sensor Fittings
  7. Last December's Newsletter


1)  The Spring Wiz was designed to analyze an existing valve spring pack.  However, some owners of the Spring Wiz have requested the program to suggest what spring is needed for a particular valve train and cam profile.  Because there is an infinite number of spring specs which could work, we were not sure how to calculate this.  Well, we decided to let the user suggest a range of installed (seated)  forces, and the program would find the spring rate which works for each.

Spring-Wiz-Find-A-Valve-Spring.gif (42894 bytes)  (click image of "Find a Spring" screen to enlarge it)

Here's a sample of what gets added to the Analysis Report, showing the various combinations of spring specs for a particular RPM and Safety Factor.

  for info on the Spring Wiz software.

to download a FREE Spring Wiz v1.1 Demo.  If you own the Spring Wiz and want this feature added, this is the file to run.  Select to do a Refresh installation and you will not have to unlock the program again.  You need v1.1 A.016 or later to have this feature in your Spring Wiz.  Click on Help (at the top of the main screen), and then select About... The exact version number of your program is shown written in blue.


2)  Cam Analyzer "Cam Grinder" Features  Our Cam Analyzer software has many applications:

Cam Test Stand Non-Motorized.jpg (39064 bytes) (click image to enlarge)

  1. Doing the data acquisition and analysis for our Cam Test Stand, with precision electronic sensors.
  2. Doing analysis on cam profiles on measurements made by hand (dial indicator and degree wheel measurements), like a "poor man's Cam Test Stand".
  3. Retrofitting old Cam Dr (tm) and Cam Pro Plus (tm) test stands and electronics.
  4. Doing analysis on cam files of various formats, like Cam Dr (tm), Cam Pro Plus or CPP (tm), Andrews, S96, Comp Cams (tm), and columns of readings from Microsoft Excel (tm).
  5. Doing Advanced Analysis on cam data, similar to the Doctor Dr (tm) program.

Recently a customer asked if they could perform a particular Doctor Dr analysis, of graphing data from CPP files as viewed from the end of the cam.  This requires several manipulations of the CPP data.  

  1. The lift data must be converted from that measured at the follower to that of the actual cam profile.  This conversion is based on the type of follower used for the file.  For example, the conversion of the CPP file will be different for a flat follower, a .850" roller, a .750" roller, etc.  It also changes depending on the base circle of the cam.
  2. The lift data must be graphed to include the base circle measurement, or a base circle you can specify.
  3. The lift data must be graphed in polar coordinates, so it looks like the actual camshaft lobe from the end of the cam.

Cam-Grinder-End-View-of-Imported-CPP-files.gif (29204 bytes) (Click image to enlarge.  Cam Grinder version required.)

This particular analysis requires our Cam Analyzer Plus version, and then the "Cam Grinder" additional advanced features.  But you do not need any of the Cam Test Stand electronics to do this.  It just analyses cam files.  Some additional analysis features you get with the Cam Analyzer include:

Cam_Stand_Virtual_OHC_End_Pivot_Rocker_Arm.gif (22431 bytes) Cam_Stand_Virtual_OHC_Center_Pivot_Rocker_Arm.gif (20459 bytes)  (Virtual Follower simulation for OHC Rocker Arms, and other valve trains.  Click images to enlarge.  Cam Analyzer Plus version required.)

Cam_Card_v4.0_Features.gif (171260 bytes)  (Cam Card features.  Click image to enlarge.  Cam Analyzer Plus version required.)

Cam_FFT_Frequency_Analysis.gif (127521 bytes) (Cam profile frequency analysis.  Click image to enlarge.  Cam Grinder version required.)

Lobes_and_Journals_Polar_Coordinates.gif (206390 bytes) (All cam lobes and journals graphed from end of cam.  Click image to enlarge.  Cam Grinder version required and our Cam Test Stand.)

  for info on the Cam Analyzer software.

  for info on the Cam Test Stand hardware and electronics.


3)  Fix for SuperFlow FlowCom (tm) Working in Windows 7  If you have a newer USB SuperFlow FlowCom (tm) and a newer computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8, you know you are having a hard time making it communicate with our Port Flow Analyzer software.  The problem is with the USB drivers for the FlowCom.  Well, we've come up with a work-around.

PFA-main.gif (23316 bytes) (Click image to enlarge.)

 for info on our Port Flow Analyzer software for flow bench data acquisition and analysis, reports, graphs, etc.

So if you have a new USB Flowcom (with a black face plate) and are having trouble establishing communications as a Com Port, contact us for a very affordable fix, typically less than $50.  Call 248-473-9230 in USA, 9-5 Eastern time, or email us at the link below:

 to send us an email.


4)  Drag Racing Analyzer v3.4 Bug Fix  A user reported an intermittent bug in our latest Drag Racing Analyzer software where the program could give an error message if you tried to save a file to a new name. 

click image to enlarge it

for info on our Drag Racing Analyzer    The Drag Racing Analyzer puts a 1/4 or 1/8 mile drag strip (or other length tracks) right in your computer.  It lets you make dial in predictions, throttle stop predictions, pick the best converter or shift RPMs, and much more.  Or "Auto Link" it to your Engine Analyzer (standard, Plus or Pro versions) and each time you make a power run, you also get an ET and MPH effect from a detailed drag race simulation.

to download a FREE Drag Race Analyzer v3.4 Demo.  If you own v3.4 and want the free bug fix, this is the file to run.  Select to do a Refresh installation and you will not have to unlock the program again.

If you already own the v3.4, this bug fix is a free update.  Click on Help (at the top of the main screen), and then select About...  to view the complete version of your Drag Racing Analyzer program.  You need v3.4 A.004 or later to have this bug fixed.

If you have something older than v3.4, the update is $25 to anyone owning v3.2, or $40 for anyone owning v3.0 or something prior.  If this is a new purchase, the full retail price remains $79.95.  Check the table below for a summary.

You own... Update/upgrade price to DRA v3.4
Drag Race Analyzer v3.2 bought in April or May 2011 FREE
Drag Race Analyzer v3.2 , bought prior to April 2011 $25
Drag Race Analyzer v3.0 or earlier  $40


5) Our Programs are Windows 8 Compatible  We've got Windows 8 running at the shop, and so far have not found any compatibility problems.  All programs appear to run, save files, print, graph, etc.  All electronics appear to be communicating properly.  However, Microsoft will be "updating" Windows 8 for the next few years, which could still cause problems we'll have to fix.  

NOTE:  If you are updating your operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 8, you may have to reinstall some programs, including ours.  If you do this, try to use the same exact Registered Name (case sensitive) as when you first installed them (which produces the same Registered Code).  Then the same unlock code will unlock them.


6) No-Weld Thermocouple & O2 Sensor Fittings At IMIS in Indy, our booth was next to Kelton Auto Works from May, TX.  They developed a couple of No-Weld fittings for mounting 3/16" and 1/4"  thermocouple bungs, and O2 sensor bungs.  You basically cut a hole for a snug fit and their fittings "grip" the hole when tightened to the proper torque.  These are great for chrome headers where you don't want to weld.


You can contact them at 325-642-8470 or email them at  keltonautoworks@hotmail.com


7) Last December's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of December 2012's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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