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Subject: Product News/Updates, January 2015  

  1. Bonneville Land Speed Record Features in Drag Race Pro
  2. Shock Dynos are in Stock
  3. Recent FAQs Answered
  4. Recent Media Coverage
  5. Friends We've Lost Over the Years
  6. The Funnies
  7. Last December's Newsletter

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1)  Bonneville Land Speed Record Features in Drag Race Pro  Rob Freyvogel, the President of Carbinite, Renfrew, PA asked us to look into doing some mods to our Drag Race Pro for better top speed simulations.  Rob is going for an incredible Bonneville record of 500 MPH with a wheel driven vehicle.  With an ambitious goal like that, we had to help.  

Drag Race Pro, and its little brother the Drag Race Analyzer, always had top speed simulations, but they have been refined and expanded in the current Drag Race Pro "Team Engineer" version.  It now has new features to help Rob and other Bonneville racers do Bonneville runs on their computer.

  to see these new Drag Race Pro features.

Here's a pic of Rob's Carbiliner.

Carbiliner.jpg (22223 bytes)

for the Carbiliner's facebook page.


2)  Shock Dynos are in Stock  We've put a lot of development time into getting our Shock Dynos ready to sell, but now we have them in stock.  These production units have newer software, faster data acquisition rates for improved accuracy, and production level mechanicals and electronics.  They are the most affordable motorized shock dyno on the market, with complete dynos starting at $3999.  Click on the links below for more info or to send us an email requesting a quote.

Shock-Dynos-In-Stock.jpg (184214 bytes)

for more info on our Shock Dynos

to send an email requesting a quote

for info on financing via Marlin Financing  (Info is at the top of our "price list" page.)


3)  Recent FAQs Answered  We're constantly adding to our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page with detailed technical answers to your common questions.  Please check it out even if you don't have a question.  You may learn about a feature or product you didn't know existed.

Recent questions answered include:

for Explaining Shock Dyno Graphs
  Shock-Dyno-Force-vs-Velocity-Loop-Graph.jpg (140737 bytes)

for Advanced Editing of RPM Channels in the Dyno DataMite Enterprise Edition
Dyno-DataMite-Advanced-Edit-RPM-Noise-Step-2.gif (21569 bytes)

for all our FAQs


4)  Recent Media Coverage  The December 2014 issue of Speedway Illustrated had a couple of editorials on our products.

Page 67 "Timing in no Time" about our Quick Cam Checker  for info on this product

Page 50 "Hypothesize, Analyze, and Repeat" about our Circle Track Analyzer for info on this product

Feb 2015 Performance Racing Industry magazine has some of our contributions about Shock Dyno on page 55 in their "Chassis Setup Equipment" section for info on this product

Feb 2015 Performance Racing Industry magazine also mentions our Quick Cam Checker on page 124 in their "New Products" section for info on this product


5)  Friends We've Lost Over the Years  Time marches on and unfortunately we lose friends over the years.  We've put a page together which will likely grow over time memorializing these friends.

Jacque-Vizard.jpg (106852 bytes) click image to enlarge

for our In Memoriam page


6)  The Funnies  Now for something a little more light hearted, visit our "Funny Farm" page.  Customers and friends have contributed some of the best web humor and we've assembled it together in our "Funny Farm" page.  Take a look, have a laugh.

for our Funny Farm page


7) Last December's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of December 2014's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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