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Subject: Product News/Updates, July 2010

  1. Performance Trends Contributes to First Cobra Jet Win
  2. New Dyno DataMite Volumetric Efficiency Channel 
  3. New Dyno DataMite Single A/F Sensor (no gauge)
  4. New Dyno DataMite Mini USB Weather Station
  5. Last June's Newsletter


1)  Performance Trends Contributes to First Cobra Jet Win  One of our sponsored racers got a big win a couple of weeks ago.  Charlie Downing driving the 2010 Mustang Cobra Jet won in Super Stock SSBA.  This would not be a big deal except that it was just Ramey Motorsports 4th outing ever, and it was the first win for a Cobra Jet in that NHRA class.  
Ramey Motorports 2010 Cobra Jet high res.jpg (246544 bytes) (click image to enlarge it)

Blaine Ramey, the brains behind the team, gave us a ringing endorsement about how much our Drag Race Pro with Weather Station and Wind Wizard helped predict dial ins, pick shift points, etc.  He was also using our Drag Race DataMite data logger to troubleshoot suspension issues:

This was the 1st time out with your great tools and we won!
   - Drag Race DataMite
   - Drag Racing Analyzer Pro - Team Engineer
   - Weather Station (with Wind Wizard)
The DataMite allowed me to quickly adjust the suspension to consistently launch the 1000 HP Cobra Jet on a very slippery track. Using the weather station and Drag Racing Analyzer I was able to predict vehicle performance to 0.005 seconds. This was crucial since we had to contend with constantly changing weather conditions.   Thanks for your support  Blaine Ramey 

  for the complete story in our Motorsports Blog

Our Drag Race Pro always had good prediction capability.  But now, with the Mini USB Weather Station, it can update the predictions every couple of seconds.  The package price is $499, for Drag Race Pro v2.0B and the Weather Station.  If you already own Drag Race Pro v2.0, and want to update to v2.0B and add the Mini USB Weather Station, it is $350.

DataMite Mini USB 002 Retouched.jpg (12699 bytes) (click image to enlarge image)

Weather Readings..gif (13999 bytes) (click image to enlarge image)

If you get the "Wind Wizard" add on for $199, your predictions will be extremely accurate.  Many drag racers do not realize just how much effect headwind and tailwind (even side wind) have on ET predictions.  This effect gets greater as your MPH increases.

Wind Speed Direction Sensor.jpg (17412 bytes) (click image to enlarge image)


The v2.0B (released last month) is a $40 update from the v2.0.  It's biggest change is it allows for the Mini USB Weather Station.  It is also more Vista and Win 7 compatible, and has some new Centrifugal Race Clutch arms (Team Engineer version only).  

to download the new  Drag Race Pro v2.0BImportant:  If you install over your existing v2.0, it will turn it into a v2.0B demo until you purchase a new unlock code.  

The old v2.0A download is also available (directly below the v2.0B download on our website) to let you revert back to v2.0A should you run into this problem.  to download the OLD  Drag Race Pro v2.0A demo. 

If you're interested in trying the new system, send an email to  feedback@performancetrends.com .


2)  New Dyno DataMite Volumetric Efficiency Channel  We can now use an air turbine to measure engine air flow with our Dyno DataMite data loggers.  We've also added a calculated channel for Volumetric Efficiency.  This adds a great way to judge the performance potential (or any lost potential) for an engine you are developing.  Good street engines should be able to achieve 100% volumetric efficiency, with the best race motors getting up to around 130% or higher (naturally aspirated). 

  for more info on our Dyno DataMite Data Loggers


3)  New Dyno DataMite  Single A/F Sensor (no gauge)  We've got a new, more affordable way to measure A/F.  Our DT3-AF1 is a "no frills", single channel A/F sensor and signal conditioning.  It has no gauge, just a 0-5 volt signal to be recorded by a data logger like our DataMite III USB.  Priced at just $219, it is affordable enough for you to add a sensor for each individual cylinder.

Single Channel UEGO AF DT3-AF1.jpg (91851 bytes) (click image to enlarge it)

  for more info on our Dyno DataMite Data Loggers

  for more info on our Drag Race DataMite Data Loggers

  for more info on our Road Race/Circle Track DataMite Data Loggers


4)  New Dyno DataMite Mini USB Weather Station  If you have one of our older DataMite data loggers (the original 3 or 4 channel DataMite, or the blue DataMite II), you could not add internal weather sensors.  You would have to use some type of external weather station, like our Black Box II.  Well, now you can use the Mini USB Weather Station (pn DMM-WS) to record weather for $350.  This is a smaller package, and is completely powered by the USB cable, making for a very clean installation.

DataMite Mini USB 002 Retouched.jpg (12699 bytes) (click image to enlarge image)


5) Last June's Newsletter  Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of June 2010's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: http://www.performancetrends.com/news.htm#newsletters

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