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Subject: Product News/Updates, July 2015 (we know, a little late) 

  1. New Tractor Pull DataMite Logger Features
  2. New Dyno Controller Features and Movies
  3. Facebook Drawing for Ron Sutton's Suspension Tuning Workshops
  4. Last June's Newsletter


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1)  New Tractor Pull DataMite Logger Features  We've got several Tractor Pullers using the USB DataMites for recording their runs.  We've added a new "run type" to the Road Race/Circle Track DataMite software to use GPS for doing straight line runs.  (We can not offer this in our Drag Racing DataMite logger because NHRA does not allow GPS sensors.)

With the ability to precisely measure distance and vehicle speed with GPS, we can calculate tire spin and distance traveled, greatly improving data analysis for tractor pulling.  The graph below shows all 3 of these features: vehicle MPH, tire slip, and the data is graphed vs distance traveled in feet.


  for our new Tractor Pull data logger page for more info.


2) New Dyno Controller Features and Movies   

We're doing more development on our dyno controllers and have added some new features:

  for newer info on our Dyno Controllers.

  for movies our Dyno Controllers.




3)  Facebook Drawing for Ron Sutton's Suspension Tuning Workshops One of Performance Trend's customers, Ron Sutton, is putting on several workshops on Suspension Tuning, geared primarily to autocrossing.  Topics will include Suspension and Steering Geometry, Shock Valving, Balanced Handling, Aerodynamics, and more. 

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We've purchased tickets for our guests to attend one of Ron's workshops, a $349 value.  Two tickets will be given to people who have "liked us" on facebook and own most any Performance Trends product.  To enter this contest, send us a facebook message saying "I want to be in the Ron Sutton drawing and I own xxx Performance Trends product" from our facebook page at the link below:

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The August 17 drawing is to attend September 10 in Bowling Green, Kentucky before Holley LS Fest.   The drawing for these 2 "facebook" tickets will be on August 14, so like us on facebook and message us right away.  

Ron Sutton's Workshop Schedule:

Note:  Performance Trends is not responsible for changes to Ron's schedule or workshops.  You must arrange your own transportation and lodging.  Also, in accepting a free ticket, you are allowing Performance Trends to use your name on our website and/or newsletter as someone who has won one a ticket the workshops.


4) Last June's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of June 2015's newsletter (or any previous newsletter) for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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  3. Facebook Winners of Tickets to Ron Sutton's Suspension Tuning Workshops
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