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Subject: Product News/Updates, July 2016  

  1. A/F Checkers In Stock and Movie Released
  2. Recent Media Coverage
  3. New DataMite 4 Digital Output Option:  Hold for up to 250 seconds
  4. New Frequently Asked Questions Answered (FAQs)
  5. Last June's Newsletter

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1)  A/F Checkers In Stock and Movie Released We've been shipping A/F Checkers for the last 6 months or so and could barely keep up with sales.  Now we've got stock on the shelf, ready for shipping.  In addition, we've made a movie showing how the A/F Checker works for checking your A/F (lambda, wide band O2, oxygen) sensor from end to end.

A-F Checker production clean bkgd.jpg (212880 bytes)  click image to enlarge

Our A/F Checker lets you check the accuracy of your A/F measurements by producing an exact A/F ratio, and then seeing if your A/F sensor reads it correctly.  You supply propane (like from an outdoor BBQ tank), and shop air at about 60 psi, and the Checker's adjustment knob lets you dial in most any A/F mixture from 9 to 17.  This lets you check your entire system, from the sensor through the electronics, logger calibration, the works.

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2)  Recent Media Coverage We've had some media coverage over the past couple weeks:

Performs under Pressure (valve spring checker)   Speedway Illustrated, December 2015  page 67

Accurate, Easy Cam Analysis     Speedway Illustrated, June 2016  page 68

Analyzing your Performance (a "history" of Performance Trends)   Circle Track, Oct 2016  page 74 (shown below)

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3)  New DataMite 4 Digital Output Option:  Hold for up to 250 seconds  Last month we released a movie showing how to set up the DataMite 4's digital outputs, which allow it to turn On or Off lights or relays when certain sensors's readings go above or below certain settings for a certain amount of time.  These can be set up to act like:

Well, in the last month, we've added a new feature:  You can program the output to stay in its "tripped" condition for between 1 to 250 seconds after the condition returns to normal.  This could be to keep a fan On for, say, 60 seconds after a dyno test is over (after engine RPM has gone below, say, 600 RPM).  If you need this feature, you would need to return your DataMite 4 logger to be reflashed to v2.28 firmware for a small fee.

Last month we also announced we made a movie showing how to set up the DataMite 4's two Digital Output channels.  

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4)  New Frequently Asked Questions Answered (FAQs)  Every week we get questions from users about our products, explaining features, tips on understanding the outputs, etc.  For answers to questions which are asked frequently, we have our Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page.  Recently we had the question:   "The Black Box II readings do not exactly match the inclined manometer on the SuperFlow (tm) flow bench.  What can I do to make the match better?"

For most head porters, this is not important because you just want to see if your are making improvements with your porting, and how much.  But if you need to "fine tune" the flow sensor calibration, it can be done in the more advanced Head Porter version of the Port Flow Analyzer software.

Calibration screen for Fine Tuning flow sensor calibration

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5) Last June's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of June 2016's newsletter (or any previous newsletter) for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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