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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

To: Visitors to Performance Trends Website

Subject: Product News/Updates, June 2008

  1. Preliminary Cam Analyzer v3.8 Released
  2. We've Started a Blog Site
  3. Looking for Pics of your Car for our Website
  4. Recent Media Coverage
  5. Last April's Newsletter


1)  Preliminary Cam Analyzer v3.8 Released   We've been working very hard on a major update to our Cam Analyzer program.  There are now 4 versions of the program:
  1. Cam Analyzer (basic)
  2. Cam Analyzer Plus (this is a new version)
  3. Cam Analyzer (basic) for Cam Test Stand Electronics
  4. Cam Analyzer Plus for Cam Test Stand Electronics

Prior to this, there was almost no reason to purchase the Plus version if you did not have the Cam Test Stand Electronics.  Now the Plus Version has the ability of converting most any cam data into the format we use detailed analysis.   This means you can take your dial indicator and degree wheel measurements [or an imported Cam Dr (tm) file, Cam Pro Plus (tm) file, S96 file, etc] and do all the detailed analysis (including Virtual Follower) the same as if your cam was measured with our Cam Test Stand Electronics.


Some of the major additions to the Basic (and Plus) version include:

EZ Start Wizard to get you going quickly and accurately.
Many new Edit options for copying, erasing, swapping and modifying cam lobes.
Many new Graphing features.
Many new features for emailing results.

Some of the major additions to the Plus Version include:

Advance or Retard cam lobes after they have been "Measured with Electronics"
Calculate cam lobe Asymmetry (how much more aggressive the opening ramp is than the closing ramp).
Four (4) new types of reports:
Lobe Analysis (similar to Don Hubbard's C-PEP reports from his "Camshaft Reference Manual")
Custom Duration (duration, opening, closing, asymmetry at most any cam or valve lift)
Seating Velocity (valve closing velocity at user specified RPMs to help pick valve lash)
Checking Limits (compare a measured lobe to up to 12 specified limits, like duration at various lifts, lobe separation, max lift, etc.)  *
Comparison Reports, comparing results from one test to another
Watch Cam/Follower screen to watch virtual follower operate, see contact points move, instantaneous Rocker Ratio, etc.

*  The "Checking Limits" report makes it quick and easy to check if cams are legal for restricted classes of racing, or are meeting certain quality control limits.

Click here for the user's manual Appendix 5, which discusses all of these new v3.8 features in detail.

The costs to update/upgrade from the current v3.2 are:

  1. Cam Analyzer (basic)  =  $40
  2. Cam Analyzer Plus (this is a new version)  =  $250 *
  3. Cam Analyzer (basic) for Cam Test Stand Electronics  =  $100
  4. Cam Analyzer Plus for Cam Test Stand Electronics  =  $150 or $300 **

*  This is the cost of updating and upgrading from v3.2 (basic) to v3.8 Plus
**  If you update from v3.2 Plus to v3.8 Plus, it is $150.  If you update and upgrade from v3.2 to v3.8 Plus, it is $300.

Plus Version's TDC Checking Bridge for Measuring Dowel Pin Location

You can download the demo from this link:  http://www.performancetrends.com/programs/Cam%20Analyzer%20v3.8%20Installer.exe  It will not overwrite your existing Cam Analyzer v3.2 or older Cam Analyzer programs.  It will automatically import your older Cam Analyzer files if you want it to.


2)  We've Started a Blog Site  You've probably heard of them, and now we're doing it also.  It's a blog page on our site, where we post a discussion on a topic, and you are free to read it and comment on it.  We're not exactly sure how this will progress, but we're going to try it.  First couple of topics we're discussing are how to deal with the high price of gas, and oversquare/undersquare engine basics.

Click on this link for the blog:  http://performancetrends.com/blog/     Or, go to our website, click on the News menu item on the right side, then select Blog.


3)  Looking for Pics of your Car for our Website  We're going to be redesigning the home page of our website soon.  We're looking for pics of our customer's cars to include on it.  Include any info on your car or yourself (car has won any races, points, etc.) and how you use our products.  We're not sure how we will use everything yet, but we will know better based on your response.

Click on this link to send an email, type in any info, and attach any picture files:  mailto:sales@performancetrends.com


4)  Recent Media Coverage  Performance Racing Industry, June 2008 "Improving the Process:  New Equipment for Cylinder Head Prep"  Page 92-99.  Jason Kardell of SuperFlow talks about our Valve Opener for use on SuperFlow flow benches.   


5) Last April's Newsletter  Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of April 2008's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: http://www.performancetrends.com/news.htm#newsletters

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  2. 4 Link Calculator Plus Version Bugs Fixed
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  4. Cam Test Stand/Cam Analyzer v3.2 Update
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