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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

To: Visitors to Performance Trends Website

Subject: Product News/Updates, June 2010

  1. Engine Analyzer v3.4 Released
  2. Throttle Stop and Dial In Predictions from New Drag Race Pro v2.0B Update
  3. Spring Wiz (Valve Spring Program) Coming Soon
  4. Infra Red Tire Temperature Sensors - Very Affordable
  5. Last May's Newsletter


1)  Engine Analyzer v3.4 Released  We got some excellent feedback from our "beta" testers and are now ready to release a huge update to our popular Engine Analyzer programs, both the standard and Plus versions.  

New features in both the standard and Plus versions include:

Include a picture graphics file with your engine specs for printouts (see above).
Specs for hundreds of new component parts are preloaded.
You can import Heads and cam files from other sources, like those available from Stan Weiss *
It's more compatible with newer operating systems (Vista and Windows 7) and newer versions of PDF printing programs.
And much more.

*  Stan has made all this flow data available in this file format on CD.  He's extended the special 50% discount off the standard $34.95 until September.  You get all his flow data files for only $17.47 by purchasing on line at the link below:



The v3.4 Plus now has a total of 20 enhancements over the standard version.  New Plus features for v3.4 include:

Variable Valve Timing ( V V T )
E85 as a fuel type.
Many new graphing and printing options, including being able to include some graphic file (like a company logo) on your printouts.
You can more precisely specify the cam profiles with new inputs of "Dwell over Nose" and "Ramp Rating".
You can import Head Flow files from Performance Trends' Port Flow Analyzer flow bench program.
And much more.

for the details on Engine Analyzer New Features in the new v3.4.

to download a  FREE Engine Analyzer v3.4 Demo.

If you purchased the Preliminary version, you will be able to download the final, released version now that all features are finalized.  

The v3.4 update is FREE to anyone who purchased the Engine Analyzer v3.2 (std or Plus) in May 2010 or later, but $40 and $60 respectively to anyone owning v3.2 prior to this.  If you own v3.0 or anything older, or want to upgrade your std version for the Plus, check the table below for a summary of prices.

You can also upgrade all the way to our Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 for $469.  If you own the standard Engine Analyzer (any version) you get a $75 discount.  If you own the Engine Analyzer Plus (any version) you get a $140 discount.

You own... Update/upgrade price to latest Standard Engine Analyzer v3.4 Update/upgrade price to latest Engine Analyzer v3.4 Plus
Engine Analyzer v3.4 FREE $99 (pn EA34+Ugd)
Engine Analyzer v3.2, bought in May 2010 FREE $99 (pn EA34+Ugd)
Engine Analyzer v3.2, bought prior to May 2010 $40 (pn EA34CU) $125 (pn EA34+U30)
Engine Analyzer v3.0 or earlier $60 (pn EA34CU2) $125 (pn EA34+U30)
Engine Analyzer Plus v3.4 na FREE
Engine Analyzer Plus v3.2, bought in May 2010 na FREE
Engine Analyzer Plus v3.2, bought prior to May 2010 na $65 (pn EA34+CU)
Engine Analyzer Plus v3.0 na $95 (pn EA34+CU2)
No Engine Analyzer, a new purchase $109.95 (pn EA34C) $199 (pn EA34+C)


2)  Throttle Stop and Dial In Predictions from New Drag Race Pro v2.0B Update  We've been working with drag racers and the new DataMite Mini USB to create a powerful Dial In and Throttle Stop Prediction system.  The Drag Race Pro always had good prediction capability.  But now, with the Mini USB, we can update the predictions every couple of seconds.  The package price is $499, for Drag Race Pro v2.0B and the weather station.  If you already own Drag Race Pro v2.0, and want to update to v2.0B and get the Mini USB Weather Station, it is $350.

DataMite Mini USB 002 Retouched.jpg (12699 bytes) (click image to enlarge image)

Weather Readings..gif (13999 bytes) (click image to enlarge image)

If you get the "Wind Wizard" add on for $199, your predictions will be extremely accurate.  Many drag racers do not realize just how much effect headwind and tailwind (even side wind) have on ET predictions.  This effect gets greater as your MPH increases.

Wind Speed Direction Sensor.jpg (17412 bytes) (click image to enlarge image)


The v2.0B is a $40 update from the v2.0.  It's biggest change is it allows for the Mini USB Weather Station.  It is also more Vista and Win 7 compatible, and has some new Centrifugal Race Clutch arms (Team Engineer version only).  

to download the new  Drag Race Pro v2.0BImportant:  If you install over your existing v2.0, it will turn it into a v2.0B demo until you purchase a new unlock code.  

The old v2.0A download is also available (directly below the v2.0B download on our website) to let you revert back to v2.0A should you run into this problem.  to download the OLD  Drag Race Pro v2.0A demo. 

If you're interested in trying the new system, send an email to  feedback@performancetrends.com .


3)  Spring Wiz (Valve Spring Program) Coming Soon  We've had several people ask if we have a valve spring program, similar to the old Spring Master program developed by Steve Gruenwald of Integral Cams.  We've been working on a valve spring program, and are getting close to releasing it.  Before we do so, we'd like to get feedback from Spring Master users.  What features  do you especially use in Spring Master, and what features would you like to see added or changed. 

Spring Wiz Main Screen.gif (35887 bytes) (click image to enlarge image)

Send an email to  feedback@performancetrends.com  with your thoughts.


4) Infra Red Tire Temperature Sensors - Very Affordable  There are many times you may want to measure a temperature where you can not actually touch the surface.  One good example is tire temperatures while you are running on the track.  By measuring 3 tire tread temperatures (inside, middle and outside), you get a good idea of how hard the various portions of the tire are "working".  For example, if the middle temperature is the hottest, the tire may be over inflated.  If the outside is the hottest, the tire may have too much negative Camber.

Other applications include measuring track temperature for drag racing.  Track temperature can have a huge impact on your launch, 60 ft, and ET.  These sensors work great with our DataMite III USB data loggers.

If you need an infra red tire temperature sensor, we're your source.   If you google search "IR tire temperature sensor" and variations of those words, you will see that most sensors cost well over $300.  Or, if you can find a lower price, many times they have 4-8 week lead times  Ours are in stock and are:

Part # Description Price
DT2-IRA Infra Red (non contract), std response, analog 0-5 volt tire temperature sensor. $175
DT2-IRAF Infra Red (non contract), fast response, analog 0-5 volt tire temperature sensor. $195

Another huge advantage of our sensors is they require only 5 volts to power them and return a linear, analog voltage from 0-4.5 volts.  Most IR temp sensors produce a thermocouple type signal, and may require additional signal conditioning at additional cost.

for more details on our  IR Temperature Sensors.


5) Last May's Newsletter  Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of May 2010's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: http://www.performancetrends.com/news.htm#newsletters

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