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Subject: Product News/Updates, June 2012

  1. Cam Analyzer v4.0 Released
  2. New "Low Restriction, Cooler Temperature" A/F Sensor Boss
  3. Last April's Newsletter


1)  Cam Analyzer v4.0 Released  We've just release a major update to our Cam Analyzer software, v4.0.  If you've purchased the v3.8 in May 2012 or later, this is a free update.  

to visit the Cam Analyzer v4.0 home page.

New Cam Grinder Version graph showing lobes and journals
Lobes_and_Journals_Polar_Coordinates.gif (206390 bytes) (click image to enlarge it)

We've added a new Cam Grinder version suite of advanced features.  This version is for:

Cam grinders
Engine builders working with cam grinders on custom grinds
Those needing more detailed analysis than offered in the Plus version  

So now there are actually 5 versions of the Cam Analyzer program:

Cam Analyzer v4.0 (basic)
Cam Analyzer v4.0 Plus
Cam Analyzer v4.0 (basic) for the Cam Test Stand Electronics
Cam Analyzer v4.0 Plus for the Cam Test Stand Electronics
Cam Analyzer v4.0 Cam Grinder for the Cam Test Stand Electronics

for a PDF file with a complete explanation of all v4.0's new features.


Major new Cam Grinder features include:

Measure absolute lift and absolute timing of lobes (and journals if you want) to produce data in form cam grinders can use.
More graphing options, including graphing:
Absolute Lift (This is lift measured from the center line of the cam. If you have a 1.100" diameter base circle and a .400" max tappet lift, you should see approximately .550" of lift on base circle and .950" (.550" + .400") of lift at max lift.) 
Thrust Angle (For a roller cam, this is the angle the contact force is acting on the follower, typically putting some amount of side loading or thrust on the follower.)
Contact Point (How far from center of the follower has the contact point moved.) 
Radius of Curvature (The radius of curvature at this particular point on the Actual Cam Profile.)
Raw Cam Data as Measured (This is what the linear encoder measured.) 
Actual Cam Profile (This is what a "knife edge" pointer would have measured. This is the "Raw Cam Data as Measured" but correcting for the radius of the pointer which was doing the measurements. This should be what a cam grinder would have for a design file.) 
Lift Frequency Analysis 
Acceleration Frequency Analysis. 
Jerk Frequency Analysis 
Import X and Y data, or polar data (radius, and either radians or degrees) to generate a cam file.
Input and calculate a valve spring's natural frequency.
Export a Manufacturing type data file.

Cam_Grinder_Graph_Options.gif (148130 bytes) (click image to enlarge it)

for a summary of Cam Grinder features on website.


Major new Plus features include:

The program can now use most any radius pointer or roller follower for measuring a cam for doing the Virtual Follower analysis.
Cam Card now has options for printing, printer setup, including a lobe from a different file for either an intake or exhaust lobe if the cam you are currently reporting has only Intake or Exhaust lobes, or including the Company Logo graphics file on the card. 
Program now has a "Filtering" option to quickly find files fitting certain criteria. 
Seating Velocity report now includes option to estimate the lash point on cams. 

Cam_Card_v4.0_Features.gif (171260 bytes) (click image to enlarge it)

for a summary of Plus features on website.


Other major new features include:

New emailing options have been added in Preferences to work better with most any emailing system, like gmail, yahoo, etc. 
Program now has the ability to import just 1 lobe from a single lobe data file, like S96 or Comp Cams format into an existing Cam File. This allows you to build a cam consisting of and Intake and Exhaust lobe where the lobes can come from 2 different sources (different files and different file formats). 


to download the demo.  NOTE:  This v4.0 WILL install over the top of your v3.8 and convert your v3.8 to a DEMO 4.0 if you let it.  If you have v3.8 and you're sure you want to purchase it, this is the correct thing to do.  If you have v3.8 and just want to try it, select a different destination folder during the installation.  The installer warns of this also.

As usual, we'll probably be doing some additional small refinements over the next months.  You will be able to download these for free if you buy the v4.0 update.  This update is FREE to anyone who purchased the Cam Analyzer v3.8 in May or June of 2012.  Otherwise, refer to the table below for update and upgrade pricing

You own... Update/upgrade price to Cam Analyzer v4.0
Cam Analyzer v3.8 (any), bought in May 2012 or later FREE
Cam Analyzer v3.8 Standard (NOT for Cam Test Stand electronics), bought prior to May 2012 CA40CU  $40
Cam Analyzer v3.8 Standard (for Cam Test Stand electronics), bought prior to May 2012 CA40CEU  $75
Cam Analyzer v3.8 Plus, bought prior to May 2012 CA40+CU  $100
Cam Analyzer Standard, v3.2, v2.0, v1.2, v1.1 (NOT for Cam Test Stand electronics) CA40CU2  $60
Cam Analyzer Standard, v3.2 (for Cam Test Stand electronics) CA40CEU2  $125
Cam Analyzer Plus, v3.2  (for or not for Cam Test Stand electronics) CA40+CU2  $200
No Cam Analyzer - Standard (not for Cam Test Stand electronics), a new purchase CA40C  $119.95
No Cam Analyzer - Standard (special Cam Pro Plus retrofit), a new purchase CA40CA  $399
No Cam Analyzer - Standard, Purchasing Electronics (included in Cam Test Stand electronics) CA40CE   $0
No Cam Analyzer - Plus, Purchasing Cam Test Stand Electronics (requires Standard version) CA40+UG  $250 upgrade
No Cam Analyzer - Cam Grinder, Purchasing Cam Test Stand Electronics (requires Plus version) CA40CGUG  $500 upgrade

NOTE:  If you wish to both update and upgrade, you may need 2 or more part numbers.  For example, updating/upgrading from v3.2 standard for the Cam Test Stand electronics to the v4.0 Cam Grinder, you would need part numbers CA40CEU2 ($125 to update to v4.0 for electronics) and CA40+UG ($250 Plus upgrade) and CA40CGUG ($500 Cam Grinder upgrade) for a total of $875.  However, when a customer makes this significant a software update/upgrade, we typically offer a package discount.


2)  New "Low Restriction, Cooler Temperature" A/F Sensor Boss  We've got a new style weld-able "boss" or "bung" for the A/F sensors (wide band O2 sensors).  It's designed with some small cooling fins and extra depth to keep the A/F sensor cooler (good for high temp turbo applications) and out of the flow (to be lower restriction).  The part number is  DTM-EBSE for $18 each.


3) Last April's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of April 2012's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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