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Subject: Product News/Updates, June 2015  

  1. New Features for Circle Track Log Book Plus
  2. New Features for On-Engine Valve Spring Checker
  3. Facebook Winners of Tickets to Ron Sutton's Suspension Tuning Workshops
  4. We're Closed on July 3
  5. Last May's Newsletter


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1)  New Features for Circle Track Log Book Plus  We've added 3 new features to the Plus version of our Circle Track Log Book, giving the Plus version 5 additional, powerful features over the standard version.  these new Plus features include:

1)  Keeping detailed records and history of particular components, like tires, shocks, engine, etc.  These records can include part number, source, flags for maintenance, when expected back from maintenance, and more.    for PDF on Component Details Features.    

2)  Letting you record picture files for you records to keep track of modifications, "winners circle" pics, etc.

Circle-Track-Log-Book-Pictures.jpg (102922 bytes) click image to enlarge it to see picture file features

3)  Letting you make reports of up to 8 particular records for a certain range of records, or all records.  In addition, you can specify up to "user defined" fields as a Cost or Expense field.  When you make reports of these fields, the columns are totaled up, so you can create expense reports over a certain period of time.

Circle-Track-Log-Book-Report-Setup-Screen.gif (10364 bytes) click image to enlarge it to see screen to create custom reports

Circle-Track-Log-Book-Expense-Report.gif (13689 bytes) click image to enlarge it to see example of an Expense Report

The standard Circle Track Log Book is $149.95, but it does not include any of these features.  The Circle Track Log Book Plus is $249.95.  

If you already own the standard Circle Track Log Book and want to add the 5 Plus version features, the cost is $125.  Because this is an "upgrade", you will have to call in your order so we can verify you own the standard version, to 248-473-9230.  

If you already own the Circle Track Log Book Plus, this is a free update.  Just install the demo version directly over the top of your existing version.  When asked, select to do a Refresh installation instead of a Complete (typical) installation.

  for the full details of the Circle Track Log Book, standard and Plus


2) New Features for On-Engine Valve Spring Checker   We're getting feedback from users of our Valve Spring Checker, and have developed some new features.

Optional High Force Version

The "High Force" version doubles the range of the checker, allowing you to measure forces up to 700 lbs and more.


Optional Compact Adapter

On some heads, there is not enough clearance to allow the checker to reach out over the tip of the rocker arm.  Therefore, we have developed our "Compact Adapter" which comes at the rocker arm from the side, part number SPV-OECA.  This can be a huge advantage when space is tight.


The picture below shows the spring checker with the Compact Adapter on a VW 4 cylinder head.  Watch the movie below to see it in operation.


  for info on our "On Engine" Valve Spring Seat Pressure Checker, including pricing and movies.


3)  Facebook Winners of Tickets to Ron Sutton's Suspension Tuning Workshops   The drawing to win tickets to Ron Sutton's Suspension Tuning Workshops was held at our office on June 15.  Winners were picked from our facebook followers who messaged us requesting to be in the drawing.  The winners were David Breaux and Jim Jones.  Thanks to all who participated in the drawing. 

If you missed last month's newsletters, one of Performance Trend's customers, Ron Sutton, is putting on 4 workshops on Suspension Tuning, geared primarily to autocrossing.  Topics will include Suspension and Steering Geometry, Shock Valving, Balanced Handling, Aerodynamics, and more. 

  for the full brochure PDF

We've purchases 8 tickets for our guests to attend one of Ron's 4 workshops at 4 different locations (2 tickets for each location), a $349 value.  Two tickets were given to people who contacted us via facebook at the link below:

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The drawing for these "facebook" tickets was held on June 15, and David Breaux and Jim Jones won the tickets.

The other 6 tickets will go to the first 6 people ordering our Shock Dyno or one of our DataMite III or DataMite 4 Road Race/Circle Track DataMite loggers over the next few months.  If you've been thinking about getting one of these products, now's the time to get this extra bonus.  

As the tickets are awarded, the first people will have a choice of which workshop to attend.  The first 2 ticket recipients will have a choice of any workshop, and there will be no choice for the last tickets awarded. 

Ron Sutton's Workshop Schedule:

Note:  Performance Trends is not responsible for changes to Ron's schedule or workshops.  You must arrange your own transportation and lodging.  Also, in accepting a free ticket, you are allowing Performance Trends to use your name on our website and/or newsletter as someone who has won one a ticket the workshops.


4)  We're Closed on July 3   The office will be closed on July 3 for the July 4th holiday.  However, we will be checking emails.  So, if you have an issue which can be handled by email, please email us at  We should be able to take care of you.

Happy Birthday America!    Have a happy and safe 4th of July.  

Remember, if it doesn't go off, give it another minute.  And do NOT pick it up with your fingers, or you could be picking up your fingers! Have fun.


5) Last May's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of May 2015's newsletter (or any previous newsletter) for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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