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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

To: Visitors to Performance Trends Website

Subject: Product News/Updates, March 2011

  1. Suspension Analyzer v2.4 Released
  2. 20,500 Dyno Pulls on Dyno DataMite !
  3. Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems
  4. Spring Whiz Demo (for valve spring analysis) Available 
  5. Last February's Newsletter


1)  Suspension Analyzer v2.4 Getting Close to Release  In our previous newsletters, we've been keeping you updated on our progress with updating Suspension Analyzer v2.4.  We've been getting the features finalized and user manual updated, and we think we're there.  We're officially releasing it now, at v2.4 A.011.  If you've purchased the v2.4, this is a free update as will be all updates to v2.4 for the next couple years or so.

Click on the blue link below for a PDF file with a complete explanation of all the programs new features:

Suspension-Analyzer-24-Supplement.gif (94719 bytes) (click on image to display just 1 page of PDF document)

   http://performancetrends.com/PDFs/Suspension-Analyzer-v2.4-Supplement.pdf (full PDF document)

Major new features include:

  1. Added several new types of Rear Suspensions, including:
    1. Torque Tube Live Axle
    2. Torque Arm Live Axle
    3. Trailing Arm and Semi Trailing Arm Independent
    4. 5 Link Independent
    5. 'Decoupled' Live Axle (bird cage)
  2. Added 'Four Link' features. These features lets you enter all holes for all 4 link brackets and see all possible combinations, and how each combination will affect anti-squat and roll steer. 
  3. Added 'Virtual Scales' features.  By clicking on the 'Adjust' drop down menu, you have a new choice of "Corner Weights (virtual scales)". This feature has 3 different methods of adjusting corner weights:
    1. Turning 'Jacking Screws', which changes the preload on the suspension springs on the 4 corners of the vehicle and typically affects Cross Weight only.
    2. Changing Tire Size, which changes the preload on the suspension springs on the 4 corners of the vehicle and typically affects Cross Weight only.
    3. Changing Ballast, by adding weight to or removing weight from a certain location of the car, or by moving weight from it's current location to some new location.
  4. Watts link pivot can now be mounted on either the axle or the frame of the car.
  5. Program now highlights the appropriate cell in the spreadsheet when you click on a point in the layout drawing.
  6. Added 'Bigger' Preference so you can select to make the layout drawing bigger for easier viewing.
  7. Now all versions have the Ball Joint Wizard for more accurately calculating the location of the center of rotation of the ball joint. 

Four Link Screens
4-Link-Picking-Anti-Squat-Roll-Steer.gif (43107 bytes) 4-Link-Data-Entry.gif (19526 bytes) 4-Link-Anti-Squat-Table.gif (19845 bytes) (click on images to enlarge)

Virtual Scales Screen
Corner-Weights-Virtual-Scales.gif (41720 bytes) (click on image to enlarge)

Ball Joint Wizard
Suspension Analyzer Ball Joint Wizard.gif (17362 bytes) (click on image to enlarge)

Click on the blue link below to download the demo for a 10 day trial period.  The demo installs to a different location than your old Suspension Analyzer, so don't worry about this download screwing up what you already have:


If you already have a previous installation of the preliminary v2.4, NOTE:  This is not critical, but when asked, select to do a Refresh installation instead of a Complete (typical) installation.

As usual, we'll probably be doing some additional small refinements over the next months.  You will be able to download these for free if you buy the v2.4 update.  This update is FREE to anyone who purchased the Suspension Analyzer v2.0 in November 2010, but $75 to anyone owning v2.0 prior to this.  If you own v1.1, it is $100.  If this is a new purchase, the full retail price remains $249 for Basic, $399 for Full Vehicle (front and rear suspension), and $599 for Full Vehicle with Data Logger features.  Check the table below for a summary.

Note:  If anyone has example suspension files you are confident are accurate, we'd like to include them in this update.  If you have something you want to share with others, this could get you a discount toward this update.  We can also include your name, company name, email address, etc in the comments as the source.  This is some great, free advertising.

You own... Update/upgrade price to SA v2.4
Suspension Analyzer v2.0 (any), bought in Nov 2010 FREE
Suspension Analyzer v2.0 (full vehicle & data logger), bought prior to Nov 2010 $75
Suspension Analyzer v2.0 (basic), bought prior to Nov 2010 $50
Suspension Analyzer v1.1 (full vehicle & data logger) $100
Suspension Analyzer v1.1 (basic) $60
Basic Suspension Analyzer (v1.1/v2.0) to Full Vehicle v2.4 upgrade/update $175
Basic Suspension Analyzer (v1.1/v2.0) to Full Vehicle w Data Logger v2.4 upgrade/update $375
No Suspension Analyzer - Basic, a new purchase $249
No Suspension Analyzer - Full Vehicle, a new purchase $399
No Suspension Analyzer - Full Vehicle w Data Logger, a new purchase $599
4 Link Calculator, Circle Track Analyzer, Roll Center Calculator (any versions) $65 discount


2)  20,500 Dyno Pulls on Dyno DataMite !  Tom Rayl of TRR Racing Engines in Des Moines, Iowa called in one day about his Dyno DataMIte and happened to mention he just went over 20,500 pulls with his Dyno DataMite system. He said "It has been just great!"  If you wanted to contact Tom, he said you could contact him at  trrengines@gmail.com  (click on blue link to send email)


3)  Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems  Windows Vista turned the PC world upside down for a couple years, when many programs were not compatible with this new operating system.  It took us a while to get up to speed also.  Then they released the "Fix", called Windows 7.  But, by that time, we (Performance Trends, at least) had already learned how to deal with Vista.  

About 25% of our customers are now using Vista or Windows 7.  But, if you ask, "What is the best operating system for our programs and electronics?", I would have to say Windows XP "by a nose".  It has been well developed over the years, and is relatively stable.  Also, because most of our customers are running XP, if there are any XP issues, we probably have seen them and have them worked out with an update.

However, we consider most of our programs updated in the last 1-2 years to be completely Vista and Windows 7 compatible.  So, do not hesitate to buy that new computer with Windows 7.  Our stuff will work.


4)  Spring Whiz Demo (for valve spring analysis) Available   In the past, we've had several people ask if we have a valve spring program, similar to the old Spring Master program developed by Steve Gruenwald of Integral Cams.  We've been working on a valve spring program, and are getting close to releasing it.  Before we do so, we'd like to get feedback from Spring Master and other potential users.  What features  do you especially use in Spring Master, and what features would you like to see added or changed. 

Spring Wiz Main Screen.gif (35887 bytes) (click image to enlarge image)

We've now got a page describing the program, available by clicking on the link below:


At the bottom  of this page is a link to a FREE Preliminary demo of this program.  Please download it and try it.  The demo has locked out certain features, but you should be able to see what we are doing.  We'd especially like to get some feedback on this.

Send an email to  feedback@performancetrends.com  with your thoughts.


5) Last February's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of February 2011's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: http://www.performancetrends.com/news.htm#newsletters

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