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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

To: Visitors to Performance Trends Website

Subject: Product News/Updates, March 2012

  1. Sportsman Plus DataMite 4 Drag Race Package
  2. Spring Wiz Enhancements
  3. Blowby Recorder Enhancements
  4. Last January's Newsletter


1)  Sportsman Plus DataMite 4 Drag Race Package  With the introduction of our new DataMite 4, we now have a much cleaner installation for those who want 8 EGTs on their Drag Race vehicle.  (With the DataMite III we had to use some external amplifiers for more thermocouple channels beyond the standard 4.  Now 10 thermocouple channels can all be built inside the box.)

Drag Sportsman Logger Plus.jpg (126533 bytes) (click image to enlarge it)

The $1299 DataMite 4 Sportsman Plus package consists of:

    Qty Part #  Description                               Each Price

    1  DT4-DRS  DataMite 4 USB Drag Racing System          899   899
    1  DT4-TC10 10 Internal K Thermocouple channels        350   350
    8  DTM-EKE  Exhaust K Thermocouple w 1/8" NPT fittings  52   416
    1  DT3-IWS  Internal weather sensors and fan           175   175
    1  Disc     Package Discount                          -541  -541
                Total before shipping                          $1299

AND, you still have:
   12 0-5 volt analog channels 
      2 thermocouple channels
      2 RPM channels
      4 digital on/off channels
    for future expansion.

for more details on our Drag Race DataMite software and hardware, including the ability to download a working demo and check on pricing.


2)  Spring Wiz Enhancements  Based on the feedback from early customers, we've added more analysis features to our Spring Wiz software.  The users want the program to actually tell them if the spring is going to work with various cam profiles and valve train specs.  We typically are reluctant to do this, because as materials change and technology improves, what didn't work 10 years ago may work fine now.

Spring Wiz Main Screen.gif (35423 bytes)  (click image to enlarge)

Here 's some of the new analysis features:

  1. Frequency analysis.   Frequency analysis is done by FFT (fast fourier transformation) and is used to determine the likelihood of spring surge at various RPMs.  
  2. Required Force and Safety Margin which determines if you have enough spring to control the valve train mass for the rpm range you want to run.
  3. Pointing out if the stress in the spring is very high.
  4. Pointing out if the valve's seating velocity is too high.

Cam-Analysis-FFT.gif (24554 bytes)

for more details on our Spring Wiz software, including the ability to download a working demo or purchase it.


3)  Blowby Recorder  We've added a couple of features to our new Blowby Recorder:

  1. Time and Date are saved with each data set.
  2. Segments are now graphed in different colors in the free software.

Our Blowby Recorder is a hand held device lets you display the blowby as either CFM (cubic feed per minute) or LPS (liters/second) without need of a data logger.  You can also record blowby for as little as a few seconds or for up to several hours.  And then you can download the data to the free Blowby Analyzer software for graphing, printing, saving, etc.

Blowby Recorder's Main Screen Display

Main features include:

User selectable averaging time, from None (meaning 0.1 second readings to catch fast changes) up to 5 seconds for good average readings and long recording times.
Recorder Options of Start and Stop recording, erasing data, and playback on the recorder.
Free software lets you send recorded data to your PC for graphing, printing, saving, adding comments, and opening old data files  (Win 98, XP, Vista, Win 7).
Display blowby readings as either CFM (cubic feed per minute) or LPS (liters/second).
Option to provide a linearized 0-5 volt DC output signal for easier recording by third party data loggers, for example a dyno system or vehicle data logger ($30).
Lithium Ion battery for long life and charging via USB cable to PC.
Advanced Calibration factors let you fine tune your blowby meter's calibration.
Priced at $249 if you are adding it to our Blowby Meter with a new purchase.  If you are retrofitting an older Performance Trends blowby meter and you send back your old meter, cost is $279.


FREE Blowby Data Logger Software
Blowby-Data-Logger-Program.gif (26270 bytes)
   (click to enlarge)


for more details on our Blowby meter and Recorder.


4) Last January's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of January 2012's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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