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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

To: Visitors to Performance Trends Website  www.performancetrends.com

Subject: Product News/Updates, May 2011

  1. Drag Racing Analyzer v3.4 Released
  2. Valve Spring Tester Updates
  3. Last March's Newsletter


1)  Drag Racing Analyzer v3.4 Released  Our popular Drag Racing Analyzer has been updated to v3.4 to keep up with our other products, and new computer operating systems.  

The Drag Racing Analyzer puts a 1/4 or 1/8 mile drag strip (or other length tracks) right in your computer.  It lets you make dial in predictions, throttle stop predictions, pick the best converter or shift RPMs, and much more.  Or "Auto Link" it to your Engine Analyzer (standard, Plus or Pro versions) and each time you make a power run, you also get an ET and MPH effect from a detailed drag race simulation.

Major improvements in v3.4 include:

  1. More Vista and Windows 7 compatible
  2. Inclusion of picture files of your vehicle (which can also be included in printouts).
  3. Refined tire diameter and tread width calculations for modern P Metric tires.
  4. Many new, updated Example Vehicle files for you to start with.

click image to enlarge it

to download a FREE Drag Race Analyzer v3.4 Demo.

to view a PDF supplement of the latest details about v3.2 and the new v3.4.

As usual, we'll probably be doing some additional small refinements over the next months.  You will be able to download these for free if you buy the v3.4 update.  This update is FREE to anyone who purchased the Drag Race Analyzer v3.2 in April or May of 2011, but $25 to anyone owning v3.2 prior to this.  If you own v3.0 or something prior, it is a $40 update charge.  If this is a new purchase, the full retail price remains $79.95.  Check the table below for a summary.

You own... Update/upgrade price to DRA v3.4
Drag Race Analyzer v3.2 bought in April or May 2011 FREE
Drag Race Analyzer v3.2 , bought prior to April 2011 $25
Drag Race Analyzer v3.0 or earlier  $40

To "Auto Link" to our Engine Analyzer programs, you will likely have to update to our very latest versions.  That would be:

to download the very latest Engine Analyzer v3.4 A.015 (both standard and Engine Analyzer Plus).

to download the very latest Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 A.045.

Click on Help (at the top of the main screen), and then select About...  to view the complete version of your Engine Analyzer program.  This is not critical, but when asked, select to do a Refresh installation instead of a Complete (typical) installation.


2)  Valve Spring Tester Updates  We've made some updates to our popular Valve Spring Tester software.  These are mostly some bug fixes we've found working with the software ourselves.  There's nothing critical here, but if you've encountered something you think could be a bug, I would download the latest version for your FREE update.

Valve Spring Tester 2 small.jpg (20434 bytes) click image to enlarge it

Now, more than ever, engine builders need to be both precise and productive.  Our Valve Spring Tester lets you accurately check each valve spring in about 5 seconds.  You can then obtain spring rates, bind height, force at open or seated heights, make printouts and graphs, etc and keep computer records for comparisons in the future. 

to review the latest Readme.doc file, which contains a list of these updates. 

to download a FREE Valve Spring Tester v1.1 Demo.  If you install this demo directly over your existing Valve Spring Tester, it will update it to the latest v1.1 A.099.

Click on Help (at the top of the main screen), and then select About Valve Spring Tester to see your current version number.  This is not critical, but when asked, select to do a Refresh installation instead of a Complete (typical) installation.


3) Last March's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of March 2011's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: http://www.performancetrends.com/news.htm#newsletters

  1. Suspension Analyzer v2.4 Released
  2. 20,500 Dyno Pulls on Dyno DataMite !
  3. Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems
  4. Spring Wiz Demo (for valve spring analysis) Available 
  5. Last February's Newsletter

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