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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

To: Visitors to Performance Trends Website

Subject: Product News/Updates, Nov 2008


  1. Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, Dec 11-13
  2. Christmas Shopping
  3. DataMite Minis are in Stock
  4. Dave Morgan's Seminars for Drag Racing 4 Link Tuning
  5. Customer's Custom Flow Benches
  6. Recent Press Coverage
  7. Last September's Newsletter

1)  Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, Dec 11-13  We'll be at the PRI trade show in Orlando's Orange Count Convention Center this coming week.  This is the only trade show we attend because it's the biggest and best. We'll be in booth 5580-5584. Stop by and see what new things we have for 2009. You must make reservations to attend, so call PRI at 949-499-5413 in California to make them.

Our office will be open the week of Dec 8-12, but with a limited staff.  We may not be able to ship all orders until the week of Dec 15th.  


2)     Christmas Shopping   It's not to early to think of putting a racing or engine building tool on your Christmas List.  From the Compression Ratio Calculator at $29.95 (shown below) to the full Cam Test Stand at $2199, we have a gift for all budgets.   If you're not sure what to get, just get a gift certificate.


For computer programs, most all can be purchased On Line or by calling in your order.  Either way, we will give you an activation code to unlock the demo version of the program you can download from our website.  This means you can order at the last minute, and still have a gift for that racer on your Christmas list.  Popular gift ideas include:

  1. Compression Ratio Calculator v2.0 for $29.95 for Engine Builders
  2. Engine Analyzer v3.2 for $109.95 for Engine Builders and All Racers
  3. Engine Analyzer "Plus" v3.2 for $199.95 for Engine Builders and All Racers
  4. Engine Analyzer Pro v3.5 for $469 for "Serious" Engine Builders
  5. Fuel Injector Calculator v2.0 for $39.95 for Engine Builders and Tuners
  6. A/F Gauge for $299 for Engine Builders, Tuners and All Racers
  7. Practice Tree v2.0 for $39.95 for Drag Racers
  8. 4 Link Calculator v2.0 for $79.95 for Drag Racers
  9. Drag Racing Analyzer v3.2 for $79.95 for Drag Racers
  10. Roll Center Calculator v2.0 for $79.95 for Circle Track or Road Racers
  11. Circle Track Analyzer v3.5 for $149.95 for Circle Track Racers
  12. Circle Track Log Book v1.1 for $149.95 for Circle Track Racers
  13. Trans Gear Calculator v2.0 for $49.95 for Road Racers
  14. Fuel Economy Calculator v2.0 for $79.95 for anybody who buys gas

Click on each one above to see what the program does.  At the bottom of each page, there is a button to click on to download the demo, or purchase with our Shopping Cart.  

If you are not sure, you can purchase a Gift Certificate for any amount $20 or higher.  We will refund the difference should you decide to give too much, up to 50% of the original amount.  Say you give a $100 gift certificate, and your racer decides on a $79.95 program.  We'll refund the $20.05 difference.  These can also be emailed at the last minute.  Shopping could not be easier, AND you're getting them what they want.  Gift Certificates are not available on line, you have to call 248-473-9230 x2 for sales.

For products which require shipping, please order by December 17th to be sure to receive them by Christmas.

If you have any questions, call 248-473-9230, ext 2 (sales).  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


3)  DataMite Minis are in Stock  Well, we're a little late on getting these into production, but now we have the DataMite Mini USBs in stock (and lots of them).  The Mini's make great Dyno data loggers for small kart inertia dynos, or most any dyno where you only want to record a few channels.  We've shipped out several dyno systems already, for people who have been on the waiting list.

The Minis can also be used to retro-fit Power Tech Spring Testers.  You get improved data repeatability and many more features in the software.  You also can avoid some of the spring height or force limitations of the standard Power Tech software.  Click on blue "retro-fit Power Tech Spring Testers" for more info.


4)  Dave Morgan's Seminars for Drag Racing 4 Link Tuning  Dave Morgan has been doing books and seminars on tuning 4 Link Drag Racing suspensions for many years.  He's got a series of seminars coming up with updated info.  Contact Dave if you want to attend at StaayTuned@aol.com  Dave actually uses our 4 Link Calculator for some of his presentations.


5)  Customer's Custom Flow Benches  Some customers have sent us photos of their "custom" flow benches over the years.  They have used our Port Flow Analyzer with our EZ Flow System or Black Box electronics to do the data logging and analysis.  We should have kept them for our new page "Customer's Custom Flow Benches" (click on blue link).  

If you've sent us photos in the past of your flow bench, please send them again with some pertinent info about flow capabilities, power usage, your personal info that you would like made public, etc.  Send to:  feedback@performancetrends.com  We'll get them on our new page.


6)  Recent Press Coverage  The "E-KMI" karting website had an article on our DataMite data loggers for karting dynos.  Check it out at:   http://www.e-kmi.com/article.cfm?article_id=2577


7) Last Sept's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of September 2008's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: http://www.performancetrends.com/news.htm#newsletters

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