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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

To: Visitors to Performance Trends Website

Subject: Product News/Updates, Nov 2009

  1. Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, Dec 10-12
  2. Christmas Shopping
  3. Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 Released
  4. Port Flow Analyzer v3.5 and EZ Flow Demo Movie Files
  5. Performance Business Magazine Article: Engine Performance
  6. Land & Sea Dyno (tm) Torque Arm Option for Dyno DataMite
  7. Dave Morgan Drag Racing Seminars
  8. Last October's Newsletter

1)  Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, Dec 10-12  Just a reminder, we'll be at the PRI trade show in Orlando, Florida's Orange County Convention Center at booth 5578.  You must make reservations to attend, so call PRI at 949-499-5413 in California to make them, or click on link below:


Our office will be open the week of Dec 7-11, but with a limited staff.  We may not be able to ship all orders until the week of Dec 14th.  


2)     Christmas Shopping   In this tough economy, you don't want friends and family wasting money on gifts you don't need or want.  Why not put one of our engine building tools or racing programs on your Christmas list?  From the Compression Ratio Calculator at $39.95 (shown below) to the full Cam Test Stand at $2199, we have a gift for all budgets.  If you're not sure what you want, just ask for a gift certificate.

    Click image to enlarge.

For computer programs, most all can be purchased On Line or by calling in your order.  Either way, we will give you an activation code to unlock the demo version of the program you can download from our website.  This means you can order at the last minute, and still have a gift for that racer on your Christmas list.  

If you are not sure, you can purchase a Gift Certificate for any amount $20 or higher.  We will refund the difference should you decide to give too much, up to 50% of the original amount.  Say you give a $100 gift certificate, and your racer decides on a $79.95 program.  We'll refund the $20.05 difference.  These can also be emailed at the last minute.  Shopping could not be easier, AND you're getting them what they want.  

Gift Certificates are available by phone, or on line at the following link:


There you will click on the "Add to Cart" button, and then select the amount you want to give.

For products which require shipping, please order by December 16th to be sure to receive them by Christmas.  If you have any questions, call 248-473-9230, ext 2 (sales).  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


3)  Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 Released  We've been working most of 2009 on improved features for our Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9.  Well, we've finally got it wrapped up.  New features include:

Thousands of new cam specs preloaded in Standard Engine Analyzer (simpler) format, and now you can sort through and "Chain Calculation" the cams which meet your requirements.
E85 and other ethanol blend fuel options.
Importing cam files from other programs and sources and easier importing from our Cam Analyzer.
Importing head files from other programs and sources.
Asymmetric cam profiles.
Include actual dyno curves on the graphs for comparisons
Include the Engine Masters Challenge (EMC) score in the output to optimize for this EMC competition.
Lots of new example engine and component files.
Variable Valve Timing (switching to a different cam profile at a certain RPM).  See picture below.

Click on the blue link below for a list and explanation of all the new features:

   Engine Analyzer Pro User's Manual Supplement v3.9 (new v3.9 features only)

Click on the link blue below to download the demo for a 10 day trial period.  The demo installs to a different location than your old Engine Analyzer Pro, so don't worry about this download screwing up what you already have:

   http://performancetrends.com/programs/Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 Installer.exe

As usual, we'll probably be doing some additional refinements over the next months.  You will be able to download these for free if you buy the v3.9 update.  This update is FREE to anyone who purchased the Engine Analyzer Pro v3.5 in November 2009, but $75 to anyone owning v3.5 prior to this.  If you own v3.3, it is $110.  If you own v1.1, 1.2 or v2.1, it is $250.  If this is a new purchase, the full retail price remains $469.  Check the table below for a summary.

Note:  If anyone has example engine files they are confident are accurate, we'd like to include them in this update.  We really don't need more small block Chevys.  What are good examples are non-Chevy/Ford domestic engines, European and Japanese automotive and motorcycle engines.  If you have something you want to share with others, this could get you a discount toward this update.  We can also include your name, company name, email address, etc in the comments as the source.  This can only help your business.

You own... Update/upgrade price to EA Pro v3.9
Engine Analyzer Pro v3.5, bought in Nov 2009 FREE
Engine Analyzer Pro v3.5, bought prior to Nov 2009 $75
Engine Analyzer Pro v3.3 $110
Engine Analyzer Pro v1.1, 1.2 or 2.1 $250
Standard Engine Analyzer, any version ($75 discount) $394
Engine Analyzer Plus, any version ($140 discount) $329
No Engine Analyzer, a new purchase $469


4)  Port Flow Analyzer v3.5 and EZ Flow Demo Movie Files  We've added several Demo Movie Files about how to operate our Port Flow Analyzer v3.5.  Included in these movie files are:

Getting your program installed, unlocked, and set up for your flow bench.
Starting a new test using the EZ Start Wizard (see picture below).
Tips on using our Black Box II electronics, getting it to communicate with your computer, and getting it calibrated. 
Tips on using our EZ Flow system, getting it to communicate with your computer, and getting it calibrated.
Making graphs and reports to analyze data.
Printing reports and graphs, and various report options.
Opening and saving test files, sending/emailing to other people and computers, making backups and restoring from backups.

Click on the blue link below to be directed to this section of the website:


Even if you don't have the Port Flow Analyzer, these movie files can help you understand how many of our programs work.  You may also find movie files for your particular program.  We are always adding these movie files, as these may make it easier to get up to speed on a program than reading a manual or help screen. 


5)  Performance Business Magazine Article: "Compute This", Oct-Dec issue, pages 14-19  We wrote an article for this AERA publication about how computer simulation programs can help the engine builder optimize their combo.  We concentrated on camshafts in this article and went into some depth on what was happening inside the engine when you changed cam specs.  Click on the blue link below for a PDF of the article as we submitted it to Performance Business Magazine:



6)  Land & Sea Dyno (tm) Torque Arm Option for Dyno DataMite  We now have an option for customers who own the Land and Sea (tm) dyno which uses their strain gauged torque arm.  Their strain gauge is only a quarter bridge, which has some limitations compared to the full bridge (4 strain gauge) load cells we use.  However, if you wanted to switch from Land and Sea's electronics and software, swapping out from their arm to our load cell costs more and requires you to fabricate new mounting brackets.

Land & Sea Torque Arm and Amp.jpg (146288 bytes)  click image to enlarge it

So, if you have a Land and Sea dyno with a strain gauged torque arm, now you have one more reason to switch to our DataMite Dyno package.


7)  Dave Morgan Drag Racing Seminars  Dave Morgan is a published author of books for setting up drag cars, including 4 link rear suspensions.  He's just starting another tour of seminars.  Contact Dave for details at:  

   www.davemorganseminars.com , staaytuned@aol.com or call his cell 567-242-9779

Dave uses our 4 Link Calculator for some of his seminar, as shown in the picture below:


8) Last October's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of October 2009's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: http://www.performancetrends.com/news.htm#newsletters

  1. Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, Dec 10-12
  2. Christmas Shopping
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