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Subject: Product News/Updates, November 2015 

  1. We've got Great Christmas Gift Ideas
  2. A/F Checker Released
  3. PRI Trade Show, Indianapolis, Coming in December 
  4. Last October's Newsletter


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1)    We've got Great Christmas Gift Ideas  Many of our products make great Christmas gifts.    For computer programs, most all can be purchased On Line or by calling in your order.  Either way, we will give you an activation code to unlock the demo version of the program you can download from our website.  This means you can order at the last minute, and still have a gift for that racer on your Christmas list.  Popular gift ideas include:

  1. Performance Trends Made in USA tee shirts.  These heavy duty, 100% cotton tees make great stocking stuffers for your racer at a very affordable price of $22.95 ($24.95 for XXL).
    Made-In-USA-Tee-shirt-complete.jpg (201022 bytes)  Made-In-USA-Tee-shirt-detail.jpg (162845 bytes)  Made-In-USA-Tee-shirt-label.jpg (259346 bytes)  Click images to enlarge.
  2. Compression Ratio Calculator v2.3 for $39.95 for Engine Builders or Plus version for  $69.95 or new Pro version for  $99.95
       Click image to enlarge.
  3. Engine Analyzer v3.4 for $109.95 for Engine Builders and All Racers
  4. Engine Analyzer "Plus" v3.4 for $199.95 for Engine Builders and All Racers
    Engine-Analyzer-v3.4-Main-Screen.gif (104373 bytes)  Click image to enlarge.
  5. Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 for $469 for "Serious" Engine Builders or Enterprise Edition for extra $230
  6. Engine Build Log Book v1.1 for $249 again for "Serious" Engine Builders or Plus version for  $349
  7. Fuel Injector Calculator v2.0 for $39.95 for Engine Builders and Tuners
  8. A/F Gauge for $299 for Engine Builders, Tuners and All Racers
  9. Practice Tree v2.0 for $39.95 for Drag Racers or Plus version for  $79.95
  10. 4 Link Calculator v2.0 for $79.95 for Drag Racers  or Plus version for  $129.95
    4 Link Plus Main.gif (47458 bytes)
      Click image to enlarge.
  11. Drag Racing Analyzer v3.4 for $79.95 for Drag Racers
    Drag Race Analzyer v3.4 Main.gif (68557 bytes)    Click image to enlarge.
  12. Roll Center Calculator v3.6 for $79.95 for Circle Track or Road Racers  or Plus version for  $129.95
  13. Circle Track Analyzer v3.6 for $169.95 for Circle Track Racers
  14. Circle Track Log Book v1.1 for $149.95 for Circle Track Racers  or Plus version for $249.95
    Circle_Track_Log_Book_Tire_Temperatures.gif (43990 bytes)   Click image to enlarge.
  15. Trans Gear Calculator v2.0 for $49.95 for Road Racers
  16. Fuel Economy Calculator v2.0 for $79.95 for anybody who buys gas

Click on each one above to see what the program does.  At the bottom of each page, there is a button to click on to download the demo, or purchase with our Shopping Cart.  If you've already got one of our basic versions, maybe you want to add the Plus Version or Pro Version features for a nominal charge.

If you are not sure, you can purchase a Gift Certificate for any amount $20 or higher.  We will refund the difference should you decide to give too much, up to 50% of the original amount.  Say you give a $100 gift certificate, and your racer decides on a $79.95 program.  We'll refund the $20.05 difference.  These can also be emailed at the last minute.  Shopping could not be easier, AND you're getting them what they want.  Gift Certificates are not available on line, you have to call 248-473-9230 and ask for sales.

For products which require shipping, please order by December 17th to be sure to receive them by Christmas.

If you have any questions, call 248-473-9230.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


2) A/F Checker Released   We've been working on our A/F Checker for a while now, making several refinements before we released it.  Well, now its available.

A/F sensors (also called lambda or O2 sensors) are commonly used on our DataMite Loggers.  We often get questions about how we can tell if the sensor is still reading accurately.  Sometimes a problem could be something simple, like the wrong calibration has been chosen, or an electronic malfunction.  However, sometimes you just don't know.  The sensor seems to be reading "something", but how do you know if it is truly accurate.  That was the motivation for creating the A/F checker.

We know of no better way to check the accuracy of your A/F sensor and the entire calibration of your A/F system than with the checker.  By supplying shop air and propane from a backyard BBQ tank, you can produce a precise A/F mixture from 9 to 17:1 A/F.  Then check that your A/F measurement system reads the same as the checker.  If it does, your system is good.  If it does not, then you need to check where the problem lies.

If you work with different fuels, there's options for Methanol, Ethanol, E85, Lambda, and more.

The graph below shows how good and bad sensors compare to the calibrator over a wide range of A/Fs.  You will see that bad sensors produce readings which do change with A/F, which could fool you into thinking they were working accurately.  But you can see from the graph, the bad A/F sensors are way off, and if you used them for tuning your engine's would be getting a very incorrect A/F.


  for the A/F Checker movie.

  for more info on our A/F Checker.

  for more info on our DataMite Data Loggers, both for dyno testing and vehicle testing.


3)  PRI Trade Show, Indianapolis, Coming in December   We're exhibiting at the Best and Biggest racing products trade show in the world, the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis, Dec 10-12.  We're in nearly the same location as last year, but in a double booth # 134, so check their website floor plan, and be sure to register to attend ahead of time. 

We've got lots of new products, so swing by and check them out.

  to find us on the PRI Trade Show floor.

  to visit the PRI Trade Show home page for more info and to arrange to attend the show.


4) Last October's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of October 2015's newsletter (or any previous newsletter) for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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