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Subject: Product News/Updates, November 2017  

  1. New Cam Test Stand V Block Clamp for Short Cams
  2. Christmas Is Coming
  3. PRI Show Coming
  4. Last October's Newsletter


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1) New Cam Test Stand V Block Clamp for Short Cams  If you've done short motorcycle or kart motor cams on our Cam Test Stand, you know you have to keep a finger on the cam journal when testing.  Otherwise the rotary encoder hung off the end of the cam will tip the short cam off the V block on the other end.  Well, we've come up with a fix, our V Block Clamp, part number CTS-VBC for $145.  Check the pictures and description below.

Cam-Test-Stand-V-Block-Clamp.jpg (126028 bytes) Cam-Test-Stand-V-Block-Clamp-Installed-Front.jpg (181473 bytes) Cam-Test-Stand-V-Block-Clamp-Installed-Rear.jpg (244852 bytes) click images to enlarge  

Part Number: CTS-VBC  V-Block Clamp, holds short cams firmly on the V Block, shown installed with Adjustable V Block.  Short cams with the linear encoder attached to the end will tend to tip off the V Blocks, and this clamp holds the cam in place.  It has a soft, nylon tip to provide smooth rotation and not damage the journal.

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2) Christmas Is Coming 
Just a reminder that Christmas will be here in just a few weeks.  If you've been thinking of getting one of our products, put it on your Christmas list.     Maybe Santa will be extra good to you this year (as long as you've been nice  ).

  for some ideas of what to ask for, starting at $22.95 for a 100% Made in USA tee shirt.


3)  PRI Trade Show, Indianapolis, Coming in December   We're exhibiting at the Best and Biggest racing products trade show in the world, the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis, Dec 7-9.  We're in the same location as last year, Booth # 134, so check their website floor plan, and be sure to register to attend ahead of time. 

  to find us on the PRI Trade Show floor.

  to visit the PRI Trade Show home page for more info and to arrange to attend the show.


4) Last October's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of October 2017's newsletter (or any previous newsletter) for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

  1. New Valve Spring Tester v1.1 C Update Released
  2. Christmas Is Coming
  3. Suspension Analyzer Endorsements
  4. PRI Show Coming
  5. Last September's Newsletter

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