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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

To: Visitors to Performance Trends Website

Subject: Product News/Updates, Oct 2006


  1. Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, Dec 14-16
  2. Recent Media Coverage
  3. Last September's Newsletter


1)  Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, Dec 14-16 The deadline is getting close for the PRI tradeshow in Orlando, Florida. This is the only trade show we attend because it's the biggest and best. We'll be in booth 1153. Stop by and see what new things we have for 2007. You must make reservations by November 10th to attend, so call PRI at 949-499-5413 in California to make them.

We plan to display some of our newest products, updates and accessories, including:

New, automatic valve spring tester.
New automatic valve actuator for flow bench testing.
New Cam Test Stand and Cam Analyzer features, including accessories to use the system directly on the engine.
New sensors for our DataMite II and Black Box II, especially for dyno testing.
New updated version of Engine Analyzer Pro, v3.5 * (free to anyone who has purchased EAP v3.3 since July 2006).
New updated version of Port Flow Analyzer, v3.5 * (free to anyone who has purchased PFA v3.0 since Oct 2006).
And more.

* The Engine Analyzer Pro v3.5 and Port Flow Analyzer v3.5 will not be released until after the PRI show.


2)  Recent Media Coverage  Check out Speedway Illustrated, Dec 2006, page 64 for info on our Cam Test Stand.  You'll also see pictures of a typical stand, with a list of some of its main features.


3) Last September's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of September 2006's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: http://www.performancetrends.com/news.htm#newsletters

  1. Update your 4 Channel Dyno DataMite to Black Box II
  2. Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, Dec 14-16
  3. Cam Test Stand / Cam Analyzer Enhancements
  4. Engine Log Book, New Metric Option
  5. More FAQs
  6. NTK L1H1 / Bosch 13246 Oxygen Sensors Closeout
  7. Last July's Newsletter