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Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)

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Subject: Product News/Updates, October 2014  

  1. Dyno DataMite "Talks" to Weather Wiz
  2. New Product:  Mini Remote Sampler
  3. PRI Trade Show, Indianapolis, Coming in December
  4. Last September's Newsletter

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1)  Dyno DataMite "Talks" to Weather Wiz   We sometimes get questions of how someone can tune their carburetor on the dyno and some particular weather conditions, and then adjust the carb for different weather conditions at the track.  Well, we've answered that the best way we know how, to make it so you can easily transfer dyno weather data from the Dyno DataMite to our Weather Wiz program.  Once in Weather Wiz, you can easily determine required jet changes no matter where you get your track weather conditions.

Weather-Wiz-Paste-from-DataMite.gif (76487 bytes) click image to enlarge it

for the FAQ describing this process.
for info on the Weather Wiz program
for info on the Dyno DataMite program and data logger

2)  New Product:  Mini Remote Sampler   Many customers want to measure A/F of their engines on the dyno, but do not want to have to weld in a bung on a customer's exhaust pipe or header.  Our Remote A/F Sampler lets you just put a probe in the exhaust, but customer's think it is too big and expensive.  We've just release our Mini Remote A/F Sampler, part # DT2-AFRM for $269.

It can be powered by the same A/C power supply which comes with our "powered" A/F sensors, like the DT3-AF1P or DT2-AFGP.  If you want, you can add a switch to power this up only when you are dyno testing.

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for more info about all our A/F sensor options

3)  PRI Trade Show, Indianapolis, Coming in December   We're exhibiting at the Best and Biggest racing products trade show in the world, the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis, Dec 11-13.  We're in a totally different location from last year booth 124, so check their website floor plan, and be sure to register to attend ahead of time. 

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  to visit the PRI Trade Show home page for more info and to arrange to attend the show.

4) Last September's Newsletter
Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of September 2014's newsletter for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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  3. Inexpensive RPM Checker
  4. PRI Trade Show, Indianapolis, Coming in December
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