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Are you looking for a small engine dyno that is reliable, easy to use, accurate and easy to build,
yet won't break your racing budget for the next several years??

Better yet, would you like to build it yourself ??

Would you believe you can get results like these from a home built dyno??

Graph showing Corrected Horsepower and Torque from a Yamaha Sportsman Motor

Graph comparing flex lengths using an RLV A2 pipe

Yes you can!!! Keep reading...............

The following pages will show you how to build your own dyno, which will give you excellent results in accuracy, repeatability and economy. Unfortunately this is not a $100 project, however depending on how many of the pieces you have around and the resources you and your friends can come up with, you should be able to keep the total cost under $1500. Granted this is not an insignificant amount of money, but if done properly you will have a dyno that will give you the same and many times better results than commercially available units costing $4000+. Make it a club project, get a bunch of your friends together build it up and share it, you may even be able to make some money. Take a look, your questions and comments are welcome.
(This dyno was intended for Go-Kart racing engines, however it can be adapted to almost any application)

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