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How to Obtain Product Updates

Updates are available for most all products, where you typically pay much less than the original purchase price to obtain the latest version of a program (sometimes with a new manual).

There are 3 major ways to update:

  1. Call during business hours (generally 9-5 Eastern time) with a Visa or Mastercard card. If we can find you in our records as a registered owner, we can send the update immediately.

  2. Make a photocopy of the original disk (with our label).  On this same paper include Visa or Mastercard card #, exp data, and your name as it appears on the card. Also include the shipping address and a phone #. Fax this sheet to: 248-442-7750.

  3. Return the original disk with a money order to Performance Trends, your name, address and phone #.  (Note that we can accept personal checks, but this may delay your order several weeks.)

The cost of a program update varies, usually from $20 to $75.  Find the version number of your current software by clicking on Help, then About (sometimes just About) at the top of the Main Screen.  You should see a program name like "Port Flow Analyzer v3.0  B.007".  Then look at the "Readme.doc" file for your program below, and see what the latest version is and what features have been added since your version.  If you need what has been updated, call Performance Trends at 248-473-9230 to find the exact price of the update.  Be sure you know your product's full version number when you call.

PDF Files

PDF files are like Readme.doc files except larger to download (slower), but more detailed, higher quality (includes all formatting and pictures).  These files are typically full User's Manuals, Supplements describing updates, installation instructions, etc.  Click here to see what PDF files are available.

Readme.doc Files

Click on the Readme.doc files for the various products below to see what the latest versions are and what has been changed.  If a product is not listed, there has probably not been any significant updates.

Note:  You can typically select "Open this file from its current location" to read it and avoid downloading it to your computer.

Cam Analyzer v4.0

Circle Track Analyzer v3.6

Circle Track Log Book v1.1

Dyno DataMite v3.7

Drag Racing Analyzer v3.2

Drag Racing Analyzer Pro v2.0b

Drag Race DataMite v3.7

Engine Analyzer v3.4 (Standard & Plus versions)

Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 (newest version's changes)

Engine Analyzer Pro v3.5

Engine Log Book v1.1

Port Flow Analyzer v3.5

Road Race & Circle Track DataMite v3.7

Roll Center Calculator v3.6 (is now part of the Circle Track Analyzer v3.6)

Suspension Analyzer v2.4

Spring Wiz v1.1

Valve Spring Tester v1.1

Weather Wiz v1.1


Free Updates for Some Products

Some products can be updated for free, by simply downloading the latest version from the website.  Before you install the newest version, run your old version to see the Registered Name and Registered Code number by clicking on Help, then About (sometimes just About) at the top of the Main Screen.  (On many programs, you can also click on the "Reg To:" at the top of the Main Screen to see this info.)  

Then when you install the newest version:  If given the choice, do a "Refresh" installation instead of the "Complete (typical)" installation and it should keep your current unlocking info.

If when you first run the new version and it asks you for a Registered Name, be sure to type it in exactly as you did before.  It is "case sensitive" so capital letters give different results than lower case letters.  You will know you have typed it in exactly as before if you get the same Registered Code #.  Then type in the "working code" you obtained from Performance Trends when you first purchased the product, and you'll be off and running with the latest version.  Email Performance Trends if you have forgotten your working code with the Registered Name and Registered Code # at

Products which can be updated this way include the following.  Click on their names to view their Readme.doc files.

4 Link Calculator  (but a Plus version is available with extra features at extra cost)

Compression Ratio Calculator  (but a Plus version is available with extra features at extra cost)

Fuel Economy Calculator

Fuel Injector Calculator

Lap Segment Timer 

Practice Tree (but a Plus version is available with extra features at extra cost)

Transmission Gear Calculator (but a Plus version is available with extra features at extra cost)