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Subject: Product News/Updates, March 2018  

  1. New Electronic Velocity Probe for Flow Bench Testing
  2. Suspension Analyzer Enhancements
  3. Media Mentions
  4. Last February's Newsletter


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1)  New Electronic Velocity Probe for Flow Bench Testing  Like most new, "cutting edge" products we develop, the first 80% comes pretty fast.  It's those last details that can take a long time.  But when they are done, you feel confident you have a good product.  That is the case for our Electronic Port Velocity Probe.  We displayed this at the PRI show in Dec 2016 and Dec 2017.  We started shipping production pieces earlier this year.  

The main advantage of the Electronic Velocity Probe over standard pitot tubes are its small size.  See comparison above.  It can get into much smaller areas of the intake port because it is even smaller than our "mini" pitot tube.  And, because of its small size, the Plus Version includes an additional, small sensor tip you can attach to the valve.  See pictures below.  Then by measuring velocity while you rotate the valve, you can find areas of higher and lower velocities and therefore higher and lower flows.  If you can improve the velocity in the low velocity areas you can better make use of the entire valve's available flow area and improve flow overall.


This is really the cutting edge of flow bench technology.  If you want to completely understand how the air is flowing past the valves, you need our Electronic Velocity Probe.


  for more info on the Electronic Velocity Probe.  This page shows other options, and has links to the operating manual, pricing and movies.

  to check out the "2017, Latest News" brochure we handed out at the show.  It describes product updates released in 2017, like the Suspension Analyzer v2.4B and Drag Racing Analyzer v3.4 B below, and other new products.

Suspension-Analysis-software-Main-Screen.gif (74220 bytes)  Drag-Racing-Analyzer-v3.4B-10-gear-ratios-smaller.gif (130697 bytes) (click images to enlarge)


2) Suspension Analyzer Enhancements  We've added some enhancements to the Suspension Analyzer v2.4B, now up to v2.4 B.018, which include:

  to view the readme.doc file of these and other of the most recent changes.  To see what version you have now, click on Help (at the top of the main screen), and then select About Suspension Analyzer.  Printed in blue will be your version's complete version number, something like v3.4 B.005.



  for the PDF supplement describing all the major new features of v2.4 B over the previous v2.4A.

  to read about all the Suspension Analyzer's many features.  At the bottom of this page you can download a 10 day demo, or purchase a complete new version if you do not currently own the Suspension Analyzer.

If you already own the v2.4B, these new features are a free update.     to install the latest v2.4B over your existing v2.4B.  This is not critical, but when asked, select to do a Refresh installation instead of a Complete (typical) installation.

If you own the older basic v2.4 A, this is a $75 update.  If you own v2.4 A Full Vehicle or Full Vehicle w Data Logger versions, this is a $100 update charge.  If you own basic v2.0 or older, this is a $150 update charge.  If you own v2.0 or older Full Vehicle or Full Vehicle w Data Logger versions, this is a $250 update charge.  You can not purchase an update on the website at these discounted prices, but must contact us directly.

to send us an email if you have questions on updating to v2.4 B from an earlier version.


3) Media Mentions The PRI website has an article titled Essential Chassis Setup Equipment.  It talks a lot about our software tools for circle track, road racing, and drag racing.  However, the article forgot to include our Shock Dyno (so I thought I would mention it here).

Shock-Dyno-Production-2014-low-res.jpg (37059 bytes)     4link-dynamics.gif (16243 bytes)    cta-track.gif (19284 bytes)  (click images to enlarge them)

to view the article.

for info on our Shock Dyno.

for info on our Drag Racing 4 Link Calculator.

for info on our Suspension Analyzer.

for info on our Circle Track Analyzer.


4) Last February's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter.  If you would like another copy of February 2018's newsletter (or any previous newsletter) for detail on these topics, visit our website at: Performance Trends Newsletters 

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